Aqua is a 15 year old, she is also a Mermaid. When her father sends her to go live a normal life on land, she tries to turn back into a full mermaid.
On her adventure she meets a couple people on the way, some nice some mean, and One that will stick to her side forever.


1. The story

Some people think the Ocean as a Wet, cold, warm, sunny, stormy, dangerous, relaxing, soothing, and dirty. But to me it's my home. I have lived there ever since I was about Six. Now I'm 15 and stuck on land. My Father wanted me to live a Happy normal life on land, so he sent me away to dry land where I was given  human parents, humans never understood me, my (fake mom) says "swimming is stupid but she let me join the swim team anyways." My (fake Father) says that "seafood is disgusting!"


And now every time at night I turn into a mermaid, (having to sleep in the bath tub). I want to be a full mermaid, not a half time human and half time mermaid. My Father said to me the day he gave me away that "I'm doing this for your sake, I can tell you hated being a mermaid and wanted to become a human, I didn't want you to suffer in the ocean. Your older sister "Shelly" isn't being sent away because she loves it here and is next in line for queen". I couldn't believe that my Father sent me away to land, why would he think I hated the ocean? I had many friends, I swam all day long, and he nLand" I passed out and woke up in the hospital. The Doctor said that I was De-hydrated and needed to drink at least 8 cups of water a day, in the ocean we breathed water not drink it! And in the "Ocean" I never had to comb my hair, the water kept it nice! Also when it is very hot outside or rainy, your hair gets frizzy.

I don't think I will last on "Dry Land".

w me till dinner time. I have a feeling that he sent me away for another reason, I want to find out so bad, but I can't I'm stuck on land if only there was a way.

Don't get me wrong "Dry Land" is a beautiful place, but the "Ocean" is my home, and will always be!Plus "Dry Land" technology is very confusing. In the Ocean our phones were conch shells not rectangles with tons of buttons. And a clothes-dryer? What is up with that, I only heard of a clothes-dryer last year when I fell into a puddle and I was all wet. And really a hair brush in the "Ocean" I never used to one! Also in very Hot or rainy temperature your hair will get Frizzy!

I won't last on "Dry Land"


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