The secret keeper

It is one thing to go to bording school
But it's not everyday when your running for your life either.

Unless you are Winter Dragotski, running for her life because of an unknown evil. Running from her past she must try to keep secrets, secrets and live life as normally as she can. By running from the past, the future has come to her attention. Will Winter keep her secrets and keep running or spill the beans and be killed?.....


1. Running

The forest was alive, it's very soul pulsing through each and every summer leaf and spring bud.


A girl bounded through, her eyes wild like a frightened doe and her tangled mess of hair flew behind her. Suddenly a black blur gave chase, the girl throwing a frightened shreik over her shoulder as she looked at the new danger.


The blur was unrecognise-able, but not if you knew what it was already. The girl knew what it was and what it was after. She ran faster into the forest, the branches whipping at her face, drawing blood. But the pain was numb, she felt her heart raceing against her chest and the adrenaline pumping through her veins.


A shape passed over head and she stopped in a clearing, her eyes darting about, frightened. Suddenly hard, curved talons gripped her shoulders and she screamed. With every movement, she was getting higher off the ground.


The blur jumped up, having sussed where she was, and grabbed her ankle. It's white teeth trying to grip into her flesh, she kicked it in the face with her free leg and watched as it tumbled to the ground. It landed with cat like grace and dashed off.


That was when she lost concience.....

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