The secret keeper

It is one thing to go to bording school
But it's not everyday when your running for your life either.

Unless you are Winter Dragotski, running for her life because of an unknown evil. Running from her past she must try to keep secrets, secrets and live life as normally as she can. By running from the past, the future has come to her attention. Will Winter keep her secrets and keep running or spill the beans and be killed?.....


2. Flying

The girl woke with a scream, she was hurtling towards the ground at a hundred miles an hour and there was nothing to break her fall.


She suddenly landed with an ompf! Her backside stung and the floor was hard, warm and moving. Wait moving!!!! A gaint reptilian head swung round and snorted at her, dragon. Panicing, she looked to either side of her, wings. Gaint wings, the same shimmering colour of the twilight sky.


A voice chuckled behind her and the girl gasped as she swung round. A boy sat there, his skin a deep tanned orange, probably from the setting sun, his teeth pure, brilliant white, his eyes dark and fathomless and his hair, oh his hair. The colour of the waves under a moonless sky.


"Hola Sinyora." He shouted. His voice was deep and musky.


"H-Hello," The girl stammered, "who are you and where do u come from?"


He chuckled again, "My name is Samuel and I am from Spain" He winked.


A growl emitted from the dragon, the girl was scared until she realised it was, infact, a bark of laughter.


"Stop flirting with the girl Samuel, we have to get back to camp before night-fall." The dragon purred.


Samuel Laughed. " Sorry I forgot to introduce you to my dragon, Sapphire."


The girl didn't reply. She lifted her face into the wind and breathed in the cool, twilight air. She watched as the sun sunk beyond the peaks of distant mountains....

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