Skull Island: Return Of Lord Fire

A Kingdom that was lost years ago has been rebuilt not to thank the Skeletons and Lord Fire. They destroyed the old kingdom and will take over every land and island. The warriors and villagers now live on Skull Island where they battle for survival and the end...


1. Ship Wrecked


Many many years ago there was a Kingdom where everyone lived happily and have ancient creatures to watch over them. Until they all were killed without knowing that Skeletons were raiding there Kingdom. Most of the playful creatures Water Horses were killed and hopeless in battle. Many Warriors were also killed with children and other creatures. They had no chance against God Of Fire destroying their Kingdom bit by bit. Until their King had escaped with an Army of Warriors, they say he is still alive out their ready for battle. His son a great adventurer and wanting to be a Warrior or the best, a Knight, was separated from his father in the sea. People believe God Of Sea pushed him away to shore and helped him survive with other Warriors and his friends, who were with him. People are wondering and don't know if their still out there now, so this is what happened... 

Chapter 1

Ship Wrecked.

The land was cold and in shade. The Kings son was far away from the King himself. The boys name was Leo and his Father Harold, the king. Leo had opened his eyes whilst he lay on the ground and opened to see a few tents set up, Leo's friends were setting up camp with some Warriors. Two Warriors were guarding and three sitting around the camp fire that was made, Leo looked up even more and saw Simon one of his friends. Simon helped him up to his feet. "Good your alive",said Simon worriedly. Leo got to his feet and could smell something burning and rising, up into the air. 

"Whats that smell",asked Leo. He started to walk over to the fire and he sat down. Only him and Simon were the youngest their, until one of the tents crackled and a dark brown girl stepped out with a dagger in her pocket which was stuck to her belt. Simon was blonde and Leo was brown haired. They all were aged 14 beginning to become 15 in months time. One of the Warriors called Leo and Simon over to meet her.

"Hey you two meet Gwen, she is very well trained and her family is part Earth. The leader is God Of Earth each tribe has a God that is the most powerful than anyone else there ever will be. Unfortunately some can be bad and we already got beast attacking us when you don't have a Kingdom to hide in", said Lord Edward, he was the leader of all Warriors there was in the old Kingdom, that was destroyed.

"Wow, well hi Gwen I'm Leo and Simon here. I wonder how my Father is right now",frowned Leo. Leo looked down into the fire closely and started to imagine.

"He will be all right, i mean he is King isn't he. Well used to be",said Gwen. Leo started to smile after that. Edward pulled out a small bag and sprinkled dust over the fire. He told them to look through each at a time. Leo looked deeply into the high burning fire and made out a figure. It was moving slowly, then Leo realized it was swimming into water. He saw a broken boat behind the man and studied the boat until the man drowned and struggled to get back up to swim again.

"Oh no, i think i saw my dad, and he drowned",mumbled Leo."We can't sit here and do nothing it might be him".

"We can't leave and get caught, not now anyway. In the morning we'll do something Leo", said Edward and he yawned unexpectedly.


The King woke wide and looked up to see no boat or crew. He sat up quickly hoping it was a dream and climbed his way out, he looked over shore as he saw a floating body and a Sea Dragon flew out the water and gobbled him up in one go. The king rushed back down and grabbed what he could before the Sea Dragon came over to him. He looked up and felt the giant blue water Sea Dragon breathing and splashing water over his back, it was about to bite the King when a loud voice came out loud that could be heard far and far away. "STOP, you leave him alone you don't understand. Take him to shore now". It must of been God Of Sea calling out to his own army, the Sea Dragons who are always hungry and never ever full up. The Sea Dragon was ready to leave watching the King tying things like a dagger around his belt of his shiny red robes with silver Armour over it and a silver helmet with two horns sticking out both sides. At last they were at land and the shore was crawling with little bugs as the King watched the Sea Dragon ride away and swam under water. 

"Now what so much for those Warriors in training, they just left me little beggers I'll get em",The King clenched his fists and walked into the jungle. He was fully Armoured and ready for anything, he went looking for Leo in the jungle first and strode off looking for anything to start a new Kingdom.        


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