Skull Island: Return Of Lord Fire

A Kingdom that was lost years ago has been rebuilt not to thank the Skeletons and Lord Fire. They destroyed the old kingdom and will take over every land and island. The warriors and villagers now live on Skull Island where they battle for survival and the end...


15. Final Battle

Leo stood on the ground floor with Gwen standing next to him. "There here we have to go." Said Leo. 

"Who is here. mean Athena the future queen." Asked Mr Johns. 

"Who? What, no Lord Fire, obviously cant you hear the roars." Screamed Leo. He walked up to Harold but the double doors at the back of the room had opened.

"Oh Athena." Said Sir Johns. "You made it." 

She was wearing a golden long dress and had her blonde hair tied up.

"Why do i have to wear this." She argued.

"Ha ha." Laughed Leo and Gwen. together.

Simon came behind them running in at Leo and Gwen.

"There almost here..." He squealed.

An flaming arrow shot through the glass window and hit wall. There was a letter attached to it, Leo pulled it off.

"Well what does it say." Asked Athena. Who was the same age as Leo.

"I-i-i...It says Bring Leo and Harold to the forest or else. Lord Fire."

"Or else what." Said Gwen.

"It doesn't say." Replied Leo.

Out on the battle field Leo walked up with Harold across the gigantic fields and towards the end, which is blocked by a forest. Elf Archers at the ready to fire. Lord Elf strolling behind them with Athena.

"Good luck we'll meet you at b." Said Lord Elf.

"OK, the power of Gods show us you care." Called Harold.

"B, what?" Asked Leo.

"Its a secret plan, that includes Gods." Laughed Harold.

To him he was happy about this. As for Leo, he wasn't sure what to believe. Will he live or will he die. 

The next for the others to find out about was that plan b had worked or was still working for now. Because when Harold and Leo was running with Skeletons behind them and giant trees alive followed by Water Horses they knew that the Gods have listened and understood their message as they came to help.

"Get back." Screamed Harold. 

He pulled out his sword and swinged it at Skeletons passing by, hitting one by one knocking them, Harold didn't see the Werewolf at his back that tackled him and took him down. He punched its face making it blind and hitting his sword at it making cuts in it, the Werewolf fled away and banged into two other Werewolves that knocked them out. "Yes ha ha."

"Ahh." Screamed Leo. 

He was taken down by a Skeleton that was holding a sword at his throat. Harold ran over to him, kicking the Skeleton off Leo and making it loose its head. They were closer to the castle and the Elf Archers were in range to start shooting. They knocked out  Werewolves easy be shooting them around the eyes.

"Noooo!" Lord Fire threw his dagger from his shorts at Leos face. Simon jumped in front and was hit direct into the stomach bleeding fast nonstop. He lay on the ground crying in pain. Lord Fire swung his sword at him to finish him off. Leo connected his sword together and pushed Lord Fire back. He hit up as the swords clanged and swooped down as Lord Fire blocked it. Leo was pushing forward and using his sword and hitting faster. Knocking Lord Fire back and getting ready to stab him. A black figure appeared and shot a lit arrow at Leo's feet making him jump around trying to not get caught in it. 

"Watch out." Said Gwen.

She pulled her wand out as Leo looked up and saw a man wearing black and a black cape with a black hood that hid his face. He swung his sword at Gwen and one of his eyes showed up to Leo, it was orange and big not like a human.


Gwen shot him towards on the ground as Lord Fire got up and grabbed her. Before Leo could do anything, Lord Fire's feet turned to fire and he shot into the air flying around from fire that came from his feet. He took Gwen to the top of the castle and held her in front of the fire that was coming up from the ground floor.

Edward started using his shield to stop the arrows that were firing at them, Simon was still bleeding being held by Villard. Lord Elf and Mr Johns were out with Harold fighting and also wining. Rick was sat next to Richard who was shot in the leg by an arrow, behind Edward aswell.

Leo was climbing a rope on the side of the castle and was climbing off at the top. Lord Fire cut the rope and pushed him back down, Leo grabbed his hand and took him with him.

"Get off me, you child." He roared.

"If i die you die with me." Said Leo.

"Skull Island shall always be in danger as long as he lives."

"Who?" Said Leo as he climbed on Lord Fire's back.

"The Dark Rider." He Laughed. 

They fell to the ground as everyone stopped battling and watched. Leo pulled himself up to get his sword and stood up. He ran at Lord Fire who was struggling to stand, he must landed on his leg direct. Leo sliced Lord Fires head off, the black dust picked up his body and faded away.

"Woo yea." The crows cheered as the Skeletons ran away. Leo was picked up by Rick and Richard who were better than ever. Even Simon had the guts to try and move around he was injured but still moving. A dark black arrow with purple dust around it was shot and straight at Leo's heart. He fell back, Rick and Richard watched him slowly fall to the ground.

"Leo." Shouted Gwen. "Wake up."

Everyone turned back and saw nothing but a black horse with a black figure on it wearing a cape and a hood. They rode off after everyone had seen them riding into the distance The Dark Rider...       


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