Skull Island: Return Of Lord Fire

A Kingdom that was lost years ago has been rebuilt not to thank the Skeletons and Lord Fire. They destroyed the old kingdom and will take over every land and island. The warriors and villagers now live on Skull Island where they battle for survival and the end...


10. Dangerous Days

It was late and dark out. "I'm worried." said Harold, as he closed the curtains.

"They'll be fine I'm sure of it." replied Villard. They were in their small bedroom at the brothers house. Rick entered the room still knocking at the door.

"Hey uh would you... like to...come down and stay up late or something. You know have fun tonight and we can sort this out probably...while were all here together." Harold looked up at Rick who was holding a glass, but it was empty.

Rick left the room and the door swung slowly behind him, the footsteps of Rick running down stairs were loud and heard around the house.

"Lets go." Said Villard. Leaving Harold alone by himself. Harold leaned at the window and watched Typhon flapping his tail around at the leaves, he heard laughter coming from downstairs and followed it.

"Do it again,"called out Rick. Richard drank a glass full of milk and sneezed, it came shooting out his nose and squirted into Ricks glass. "Thats awesome."

"I know, right Edward." laughed Richard, staring at Edward who was sharpening his sword with a stone. 

"OK who was dinner." Shouted Villard over the brothers voices. He waved his wand and white dust shot out the end, a table big enough for them all to sit at was laying across the kitchen. Plates of food flown around the kitchen with chicken on and a silvery plate with more glass drinks on filled with yellow liquid. 

"Uh what is that." Said Rick.

"Its beetle juice. Different colour beetle, different taste. Its very expensive at The Red Horse Inn so you better not waste any you two." Replied Villard.

"I thought you can magic anything up for free."

"Well i don't have the power to magic up anything. I maybe old but i haven't forgotten every little bit of magic."

Once everyone was sat down at the table they began to eat. Harold finished first the quicker than the others, once he was done he left the table and walked towards the garden. There was a brown bench at the end next to a little pond with a Water Horse running around it.

It looked up at Harold and sat down watching him.

"Oh Leo, where are you." Harold looked up at the Water Horse it started to run around again and began going quicker each time. "Whats going on?"

The Water Horse faded away into the water circle that was now standing in mid air and a portal began. Harold saw Leo, Simon and Gwen walking on a side of a mountain in snow. "LEO!".

Leo turned towards Harold and looked around.

"Dad where are you?"

"You cant see the portal. Well where are you?"

"There's a abandoned castle up ahead we are heading there," Rushed Gwen.

A snow storm had started and Harold lost Leo, the Water Horse appeared with the portal rushing back inside itself, as it jumped back into the pond and left.

"An abandoned castle, wait a second." Thought Harold. He rushed back indoors to the kitchen. Everyone was happy and laughing smashing their glasses together. "Villard where is the map." Harold was breathing heavily after running across the longest garden he had ever seen. 

"The map its here." 

Villard handed Harold the map. He flung it open and dragged his finger around it, at the top left of the map was drawn mountains with snow on them. He carried on moving his finger around and saw a drawn castle that had a name written over it. Troll Castle it was written over the writing of what the castle really is called.

"Troll Castle, why did they write that over it." Asked Harold.

"It was taken over by Trolls obviously." Said Villard.

"But Leo is going there, i know ,i saw him. Come on they won't survive."

"Its too late now... We better get going in the morning. Well talking about morning it will be soon, right off to bed i need my sleep." Replied Villard. Harold waited until everyone was upstairs, and he went for it. Out the back door into the little hut and opened the door. He searched around for Typhon and saw its big green eyes open at the back.

Harold was tight on the back of Typhon and ready to fly.

"Come on wake up Typhon." 

Typhon flew straight into the air and straight for the moon that was lighting the sky brightly. They went towards the coldest way to find the snowy mountains...           



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