Skull Island: Return Of Lord Fire

A Kingdom that was lost years ago has been rebuilt not to thank the Skeletons and Lord Fire. They destroyed the old kingdom and will take over every land and island. The warriors and villagers now live on Skull Island where they battle for survival and the end...


5. Ancient Battle Ground

After that Leo was terrified about fighting God Of Fire. So he tried escaping to leave the Island. It was no luck, he got caught every time and was told they would have to face him even if it was life or death. Leo was confused why everyone else wouldn't try to escape with him. He sat up in his tent and thought about it, then he began to think why they wouldn't escape. Was there a reason why, was it a trick or were they brain washed back then. He explained to Simon if he knew anything about it. "Simon whats going on here". Why are we not trying to escape this Island or move away from the Ancient Battle Grounds", Leo stopped and realized that Simon's eyes weren't as usual as they used to be, he was acting strange and being all dopy like. "Simon what is it". Leo gave up and went looking for everyone else out the tent. Leo was watching everyone else outside near the Camp Fire. Only the Wizard and Edward were normal. "Whats going on".

"At least your all right Leo. The Skeletons put a spell on this guys and now there, well dumb", said Edward. Leo smiled with a little laugh with it. He watched the Wizard pouring a black and purple liquid into a bottle and feeding Gwen and Harold.

"Oh yea Simon is uh, dumb aswell. You know the spell". Leo laughed and walked up to the Wizard. "What is your real name".

"Me what no, uh go away Leo were busy.", The Wizard said as he pulled up his glasses onto his eyes.

"Really tell me now. Please what is it". Leo was glad that the Wizard was turning around ready to say something.

"Its Villard the Wizard",said Villard quietly. Leo turned around and walked back to his tent thinking he heard it before. 


Later that night Leo was glad that Gwen was alright again but not happy that the battle was in two days, after that night it would be one night left. He was sure that Gwen had heard about the name Villard before. They snuck into the Library that night and Gwen noticed the right book right away. "Here it is. When the Skeletons attacked chapter 5. I'll read it. After losing to the Skeletons the Wizards tried to escape and one didn't make it. His name was Villard the Wizard. Wow that makes uh sense. He was a prisoner in God Of Fires Kingdom. He was forced to betray his own kind and the humans. He helped out God Of Fire to lead the Skeletons to victory and they will never die, we all are afraid about what will happen in the future of Skull Island... That's the end, there's nothing else written inside the book. That's when it happened right then the Skeletons attacked", said Gwen as she slammed the book shut. Dust flew everywhere and a page fell out the back of the book. Leo picked up the page and stared at it for a while before he spoke. He noticed that the man in the page was Villard and he was on a wanted poster.

"Hey look at this",said Leo. He passed the page to Gwen and she was even more suspicious about what spell could have been cast for invincibility. They were about to leave when Villard woke up yawning away. He sat up in his bed and put on his glasses with a tired face, he grabbed his dressing gown and walked down the stairs watching out for something moving like a human or something. He saw the door slam closed and caught sight of the back of Leo's head. Villard ran after him, he tapped Leo's shoulder and Leo put his hands out ready to push who ever it was. Villard fell back and tripped over falling an inch away from the burnt out fire that was still hot. 

"What are you doing", Villard said angrily.

"Sorry, i, didn't know it -", said Leo. Gwen pushed him out the way and put the wanted poster into Villard's face. He didn't seem to happy about them finding out about he used to be bad, he only just managed to escape into his cottage and now this Kingdom.


The next day it was the battle and Villard wouldn't come out the Library at all. "I can't show myself anymore".

"Yes, you can, we need you Villard. What do we do",said Gwen. She smiled as Villard pulled a curtain back and peeped out. 

"Well there is something. If you could get all tribes on your side and prove your trust able, then they will have second thoughts and team up with you against God Of Fire. They might even help in battle". Villard finished and walked off laughing at his plan thinking it will be a great one. Gwen saw the waves rise alot and get higher each time they rise. Then a the water made out a ghost and its eyes started to appear, they were light blue eyes so bright you couldn't stare at them for so long. The eyes stayed into a part of the water as the giant feet appeared in the sand along the camp. Water melted the sand as the giant water body came out the sea and turned into ice.

"I heard you conversation and knew you weren't bad at all", said God Of Sea in aloud voice.

Leo took a deep breath as God Of Sea splashed his way to land. He floated amongst the ground and swung his sword around preparing for battle. Next they went straight into the jungle and met God Of Land, who was a tall tree with black beading eyes trying to break out its head. His hair was green leaves and giant tree trunk feet, with a big round body big enough to block giant rocks. "We meet again God Of Land. I have not seen you since we all apart from each other", said God Of Sea. "You can just call me Sea for short basically". Leo moved on ahead and looked back at Land and Sea, they were both talking to each other like best friends. Gwen caught up with Leo and Simon by her side.

"Do you really think this will work",she whispered in Leo's ear.

"It must, how can we loose to one God with about hundreds of others on our side", he replied.

"Well they won't just have God Of Fire on the enemy side. God Of Thunder and his twin Lightning, and many more out there, so many we might not know all of them". That was that from Gwen, she walked off into the mountains and Leo gathered the Gods together. He was sure something was about to happen. The sky became dark and they all heard thunder and then lightning appear but faded until the trees became nothing after a shock of lightning hit them. Land roared and saw his people fall down and stop fighting back. The sky was just a warning that something bad was about to happen and come for them. Leo ran into a mountain and the two Gods watching out for any movement, the others not far behind caught up in time and took cover. Fire hit the top of the mountain and smashed it off whilst the rest of it was burning. Leo ran out and for the first time he saw the front of God Of Fire and his face. He stared at him and went to grab Leo, the Black Tail Dragon swooped in and grabbed Leo with its claws and swinged him up onto its back. God Of Fire fighting off the other Gods whilst Gwen, Villard and Simon panicked. Gwen was reached out for and was grabbed by God Of Fire, he jumped away from the battle scene and only they could see is Skeletons in front of them. Leo swished his sword and elbowed a skeleton back to the ground. He pulled off another Skeletons head and threw it at a bunch of others that were marching towards them, they hid behind a mountain and watched the rest of the Skeletons searching around for them. 

"Few that was close, everyone here", said Leo as he looked around and everyone but Gwen and Villard was there. Gwen was gone and soon will be gone, gone as she dies in the hands of God Of Fire. Villard was in the crowd of Skeletons as the marched away laughing at him. Leo must go after them but knew they could be anywhere in only a few minuets. Leo pulled out a map a saw a path from The Ancient Battle grounds leading to a place called Varlor Village. Leo knew he must go there first and find out more about Skeletons and God Of Fire. The two other Gods were coming out of The Ancient Battle Grounds. Leo got everyone together and were ready to leave outside, to Varlor Village.         


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