Skull Island: Return Of Lord Fire

A Kingdom that was lost years ago has been rebuilt not to thank the Skeletons and Lord Fire. They destroyed the old kingdom and will take over every land and island. The warriors and villagers now live on Skull Island where they battle for survival and the end...


11. A Giant Problem

It was getting worse each minute, the cold white snow throwing itself at them. "Hey were h-h-e-e-ere." Said Simon. He was shaking as fast as anything. They were walking along the side of a mountain, there was a broken stone bridge that went off into the distances up ahead. Unable to see they carried on going for comfort.

"What is this place." Asked Leo.

"I don't really know." Gwen reached into her pockets and pulled out a wand that was fin brown wooden, the handle was dark wood. "Thermotin."(fer-mot-tin)

They all vanished just before the snow blizzard had reached them, and reappeared at the other side of the bridge. The castle was at their feet. Simon looked up.

"Wow." He said in excitement. "This is massive. Look there's a village behind the gate."Simon pushed the gate up as he fell to the floor and landed in snow.

"Uh whats that?" Said Leo.

"Whats what."

Simon looked down and realized he was laying in a giant footprint that was wide enough to squat them all laying next to each other. "I think we should stay out here."

The trees began blow whilst shaking the snow off. Then loud steps were heard coming closer to them and louder every time. Gwen tightened her hand keeping her wand in it.

"ETAI." Called Gwen, trying to make them invisible.

"It didn't work." Argued Simon. The footprints were right in front of them but there was no giant.

"Yes, it did. Run!" Screamed Leo.

The spell had hit the giant and not them, they had to run inside, Leo watching the gate break down and the walls around it. There were Villagers all standing around in creamy robes with plane brown hats on, and some were injured already. Without a warning they ran away from the Giant before they all were injured or killed.

"In here." Said Gwen. The ran to the other side of the tower."Look a rope we'll have to swing across to that little island over there."

"Is that even part of the Village." Asked Simon.

Leo jumped at the rope and kicked his legs out making him stretch further out, he jumped off and rolled over back onto snow. Leo stood up getting snow off of him as he looks up.

"Simon duck." Shouted Leo.


Gwen grabbed Simon and pulled him down. She looked back and saw the giants hand reappearing and smashing into the tower. Simon jumped off and Gwen grabbing his leg. " out Leo."

Leo looked directly at Simon and his eyes flashed just as he saw Simon's foot hit him in the face.

"Well done Simon. Gwen hurry up its coming."

"Alright. Get out the way Simon and run." She replied.

They ran off together outside the castle.

"Sorry its gone red near your eye."

"I'll fix that Leo." Said Gwen, grabbing her wand.

The Giant breaking the ground beneath them and noticing a massive fall underneath. They reached the gate and turned around, the ground was gone and so was the Giant and all those people were on the other side but a few didn't make it such as the injured people. The Giant was pulling its self up and showing its head and arms. Leo grabbed Gwen's wand casted a spell.


The Giant fell back after a green spark hit its face with fast casting.

"Nice." Laughed Gwen.

"Now my face." Asked Leo.

"Oh right sorry."

She grabbed Leo and Simon's wrist tightly.


They vanished after smoke had hit them...


"Where are we." Asked Simon.

He started towards a rock and lent on it. Finally Gwen and Leo appeared behind him with Leo's face perfect as usual.

"Yes my normal again."

"I wouldn't say normal." Laughed Simon.

"Shutup you kicked me in the face its your fault."

"Oh yea well you always go ahead and try to be cool so if i went first..." Argued Simon.

Gwen pushed Simon off of Leo.

"Alright just break it did you just see that."

It went silence as Gwen walked away towards a bigger rock behind the one Simon was sat on. Hello who's there." the white thing dashed across the field again. Then Gwen heard a sound that she thought she recognized. She looked behind the rock and saw a White Horse eating grass. "It's Daisy."

"Who?." Said Leo and Simon.

"My first horse i got when i was nine."

Harold stood out behind the rock.

"Dad? Why are you here and why with this horse." Asked Leo.

"Well Typhon was tired and couldn't really fly more than one field away from Varlour Village. And I'd have no choice but to ride to you and the quickest way was horse. This guy  was selling her. But anyway now you magically are closer to us it only took like half an hour to get to you." 

"Who was selling Daisy." Questioned Gwen.

She took off her bag and started searching through her bag looking for Daisy's brush.

"Lets get back. Its early morning i thought you would've of camped some where. I'll show you the man Gwen."

Leo walked over to Daisy and started stroking her. Simon grabbing his bag and pulling it up on his shoulder making it tighter for him. Then he walked over to see Daisy aswell. 

Daisy ran off fast away as soon as Simon touched her.

"Daisy come back." Called Gwen.

They ran after Daisy who were running into an forest...    



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