Everything has changed

Rosie's life changed when she saw something she wished she never saw, she ran away, changed her name. Leaving her family and friends. But one person she was leaving behind she wish she could bring with her......


1. The Night

"Rosie, can you run to the shops for me, I need some extra peppers for the dinner." my mothers voice boomed up the stairs.

"Yeah mum" i said grabbing my shoes and ran down the stairs, taking the money out of my mothers hand and putting it in my back pocket.

"Don`t take too long its getting dark." my mother said as I shut the door taking my phone out my pocket. I texted my best friend Harry to ask if we could to some studying later at his house.


To Harry:

Meet at yours at 9 to study. x


It was a Friday, and my mother is very close to Harry so she lets me stay over there sometimes.


To Rosie: 

Yeah sure, can`t wait to see you need to tell you something. x


I smiled as I was walking, when I arrived at the shop i placed my phone in my back pocket, picking up the peppers and paying. I was half way home when I heard a loud bang I looked to the left down an ally way, I could just recognise two figures. Two men, there was a bigger man with his hood up, and the smaller man cowering as the big man held him by his neck against the wall, throwing punch after punch at his face. My eyes widened when he took out a glistening sharp knife out of his pocket. The bigger man dropped him to the floor when he noticed me. He ran, i dropped the peppers in shock and ran the rest of the way home. 

"Where is the peppers dear?" my mother

"I...I theere waas a maan annd hee had aa nife and he nnearrly killeed a mann" i manged to spit out, half out of breath half out of shock.

"We are going straight to the police." my mother said grabbing my hand.

"Dave, check on the food i`m going out." my mother asked my dad then walking out the house not waiting for a reply.


At the police station.


"Ma`am i need you to calm down and tell us what he looks like." the police officer asked me.

I took a deep breath and replied with " I don`t know, his face was covered, he was wearing a hoodie and it was dark."


"Where did this scene take place?" he asked


"Bush Lane." I said, only just realising i was shaking a little.


"Well, he is a cerial killer, we need to keep you safe, you need to move out the country, and get away from him, otherwise he could find you and kill you, we will fake your death and only you and your family will know."


I sat there in shock, processing what he just told me.

"She is not faking her death, she is my daughter i can`t let this happen." my mother said


"Do you want her dead?" he said raising an eyebrow.


"I will do it." I said grabbing my mothers hand and whispering " its fine you will live."


"Great, your name will be changed too, Kylie Milton, you will be living in America and im going to be your new dad, so i can look after you." He said smiling.

"Oh, and my name is Dave." he said


"Least he has the same name as your farther." my mother said tightening the grip on my



"Go home and pack and i will pick you up to drive you too the airport." Dave said shaking mine and my mothers hand.


When i got home i packed everything i owned. All my clothes, but i had to leave all my memories behind. I was aloud a photo album that was when me and my family went on holiday. I said bye to my family and got in the car with Dave. 


"So, how old are you?" Dave asked


"17 this year, just left school." i said looking out the window looking at the glistening stars in the deep blue sky.


"Well that's good, we can just find you a good college instead, of getting you in school." he said laughing pulling into the airport car park.


I got out the car and grabbed my bags, this was going to be a long journey.

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