(Not Famous)

Julie and her BestFriend Ledenne started their first day of high school Julie's brother Liam introduces them to his bet mates Zayn,Louis,Niall,and Harry. Julie gets a crush on Zayn and Liam can sense it but Liam has known Zayn for years and he knows how he's broken girls hearts and he doesn't want that to happen to Julie so he will do anything he can to make sure she doesn't get hurt.


5. Later that night

Zayns P.O.V.


we left the mall and Liam was about to drop me off. Hey mate well be at your house in about 10 minutes he told me. I jut nodded my head and started thinking about Liam and Ledenne and how I wished it was me and Julie kissing. I sighed and then the car stopped. Hey mate were here I heard Liam say. That's so cool I heard Ledenne yell. What's so cool I asked confused. I live in this neighborhood she giggled. Oh cool where you live I asked. Over there she pointed to a big White House with lights all around. Cool I lived a few houses away from her. Ok well thanks mate I said while getting out. Oh so I don't get a hug I heard julie pout. Haha I laughed and have her a hug. Well good night mate I said. I hopped out of the car Ledenne trailing behind. So where do you live she asked. Right here I said walking up to my door. Cool well good night se soda and walked towards her house. I enterd the house and saw my mum and I went to give her a hug. Hey mum how you been I asked. Hey hunny I've been good how's your day been she asked. Ok I guess I told her hedong to my room. Good night hunny she said and I yelled back good night mum. I layed in my bed and let out a loud sigh. I don't know why I was stressed out. I mean today has been wonderful. I fell asleep thinking about today and Julie.


Julie's P.O.V.


Me and Liam got home and went straight to bed. It was around midnight and I heard a slight knock at my door. I yawned as I got up and went to open it. I impede me my door and saw Liam standing there on the wall. Can I come in he asked while stepping in. Why would you ask if you were already coming In I asked. He laughed. Umm julie I wanted to talk to you about Ledenne. Go ahead I wanna know why you were sucking my best Friendd face I asked. He sighed. 


Liams P.O.V.


julie aske me why I was kissing ledenne. I just signed and sat at the end of her bed. Umm..well I've always kinda had a crush on her and well we were talking and she was just so beautiful and I leaned in and kissed her. She seemed shocked and I was about to pull away and apologize before she kissed back. I told julie and smiled at the memory. Well I just wanted to clear that up I told her while getting up. Wait she whispered. Ok what I asked. Umm.. Are you two dating now she asked. Well technically no but that's gonna change tomorrow if she agrees I said with a smile and walked to my room. I layed I'm my bed and fell asleep with the thought of Ledenne and our first kiss together. Did she like me too I thought.  

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