(Not Famous)

Julie and her BestFriend Ledenne started their first day of high school Julie's brother Liam introduces them to his bet mates Zayn,Louis,Niall,and Harry. Julie gets a crush on Zayn and Liam can sense it but Liam has known Zayn for years and he knows how he's broken girls hearts and he doesn't want that to happen to Julie so he will do anything he can to make sure she doesn't get hurt.


6. Invite her

Julie's P.O.V.


i got home after school and my mom asked how was my day. It was ok I guess. Oh well that's good. I head up stairs and went into my bed room. I was changing and then my phone ringed. Ugh..I went to pick it up and pressed the green button. Hello I asked. Hey Jules. Oh hi Zayn what's up I asked. friend throwing a party tonight I was wondering if u wanted to come with me he asked. Of course I'll go I Sadi with a wide smile. Ok I'll pick you up at 8 ok. Yes I'll be ready bye Zaynie. He chuckled and said bye Jules. I opened my bed room door and went to Liam's room. I knocked and then entered. Hey Li Li. Hey baby sister he said. Umm Zayn invited me to this party and I was wondering I you were going too. Yea it's our friend Louis party. Oh ok umm..can you umm invite ledenne pretty please. I already asked her and she said yes. I smiled. Umm..Liam I asked. Yeah he asked. Do you like ledenne? He smiled and looked down then said yes why? Because she likes you too and I think you should ask her out. I am just not today. Ok well that's all bye Li Li. I went back to my room to get ready. 


Zayns P.O.V.


after I called julie I went to Naills house. 

*ding dong*


Hey mate Niall said with a mouth full of chips. I chuckled hey your going to Louis party right I asked. Well duh there's gonna be food. Haha I laughed. The rest of the day I stayed there and 

 played video games with Niall. I checke te time and it was already 7:36. I said bye to Niall and

headed home to get ready.


When I got home I took a shower and got dressed in about 20 minutes.  It took me a while

 longer to do my hair. It has to be perfect. I got to Julie's house at 8:16. I got out the car and knocked on the door. Her mom opened the door. Oh hi Zayn. She invited me in and I sat on the couch. Julie I never knew you liked your brothers friend. Mom shut up he yelled. I chuckled. She came down stairs and I just looked at her speechless. She was beautiful. She had her dark brown hair down. A black dress that fit her perfectly and some flats. Julie's mom nudged me slightly I looked up at her and then got up. Julie you look beautiful I said. She blushed and looked down. Ok well lets go I grabbed her hand the we left. 


Liams P.O.V.


I got out of the car and picked up ledenne the on our way there we started talking about the kiss. Liam I like you She said. I do too ledenne when I kissed you I felt sparks. She smiled the frowned. Why would a handsome guy like you like me I'm not skinny and not really pretty. There are prettier girls and very Skinnier girls at the school so why me she asked. Because your beautiful and I don't care if your skinny or if your not skinny you are beautiful just the way you are. I leaned In and kisses her. She kissed back and then broke the kiss she was smiling ledenne will you be my girl friend. YES!! Of course I will Liam.  I pecked her lips and head to the party. 

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