The Walking Dead

Basically the walking dead with a new character and a twist. If you can watch walking dead you should be old enough to read this. Love the show so decided to add a little of my part. Hope you enjoy :)


3. Daryl Comes Back

Maria's POV

I woke up to the sound of birds chirping. It's amazing how even though the world went to shit, there's still beautiful left. The tent was so empty, without Daryl or Merle, I felt so lonely. I got no sleep last night.

I crawled out of the tent after changing in shorts, a tank top, my weapons belt and heeled boots. Everyone told me I dressed kinda weird considering the world was over, but zombies never told me to stop looking good.

Everyone stared at me as I exited the tent. I saw the new guy standing next to Lori and went over to him. "I wanted to apologize about yesterday, Merle's like a brother to me..... him not coming back was- is, something of a hell to me." I said, solemly. The new guy shook his head. "I'm sorry we couldn't have broughten him back. I'm Rick." He put his hand out. "Maria." I said, shaking it. All of a sudden an earsplitting scream came from the woods. It was Carl. "CARL!!" Lori screamed then ran for the woods. I ran back to the RV, grabbed my bow and arrows and followed Shane into the woods. Carl, Andrea and Amy came running out. Andrea was out of breath and pointing restlessley. Shane, me, Rick, Dale and Glenn run in the direction. I almost pass out when I see a walker feeding on a deer. It wasn't the zombie that frightened me, it was the fact that we could've had a deer for dinner. I raised my bow to shoot it but everyone was already on it, trying to beat it to death. "Guys!" I shouted, but no one paid attention. Out of nowhere Dale came down on it with an ax and chopped it's head off. There was an awkward moment of silence when I realized there were arrows in the deer. I plucked them out. I knew EXACTLY who shot the deer. "Hey, guys........" I said happily. But my moment of happiness was swept away when there was a crunch of leaves. I forgot about the arrows in my hand and raised my bow

Rick's POV

We were all expecting a zombie to come slugging out, but instead a man apeared. I didn't even need to ask who this was. The way everyone dropped their weapons automatically, I knew this was Daryl.

My mind suddenly went back to remember what the one man said about Maria "liking" Daryl. I looked over at her, her face bent into a sweet-looking smile. I felt my stomach turn at the thought of him being almost 2 and a half times her age. She went right up to him. "You're a sight for sore eyes. Believe these are yours." She said, handing him the arrows. "Thanks Mare." He said, smiling. But his smile faded when he saw the half eaten deer. "What the hell?! I tracked this fricking thing all the way down the mountain.!" He shouted. He walked over to the zombie and started kicking it's body. "Stupid, piece a shit!" He said loudly. Suddenly the zombies head opened it's mouth. "Ugh, you people not know how to kill a geek?" He said, shooting it in the head with his cross-bow. "Can't we just cut round this bitten part?" Daryl asked hopefully. "No. Daryl you know we can't take the chance." Shane said assuringly. "Goddamnitt. I got some squirrel." He said, pulling a string strung with squirrel off his shoulder. "Hey Merle!" He shouted, walking back to the camp. My stomach sunk. Here we go. Maria was the first to follow after him.

Maria's POV

"Daryl, ummm, I need to talk to you." I said, following him. "Merle, I got squirrel." He said, ignoring me. "Daryl." Rick walked past me. "I need to talk to you." He said. I sat on the steps of the RV. "This'll be good." I said laughing. Daryl looked at me confused then looked back at Rick. "Who the hell are you?" He asked. "I'm officer Rick Grimes." Rick said. "Well lemme tell you something Rick Grimes you'd better not-" "It's about Merle." Shane said. Suddenly Daryl's face went grave. "What about em." Daryl asked.

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