Adopted by One Direction

My name is Rylie. I live in an orphanage in London. My past is a place I never want to revisit. Oh, and my favorite color is green. I never thought I would get adopted but what can I say, people can be wrong!


3. Home Sweet Home

         After all my stuff was loaded I the van, we set off to go to a place I would now call home. We were driving for about thirty minutes when we pulled into a drive way. The house was HUGE!!!!!!!! 

          "Welcome home!" Liam said (they introduced each other to me in the van). 

           "THIS PLACE IS HUGE!!!!!!!!" I exclaim. 

           We walked in and the house just kept getting more amazing. Everyone had their own room including me.  

            "And now it is time to show you to you're new room. I hope you like the color blue because that is the color on the walls." Says Zayn. 

             "Blue is my second favorite color! My favorite color is green. Lime green." I say with still a ton of excitement in my voice. I walk in and I see the most amazing room that I've ever seen in my life. The walls were sky blue and the bed sheets were zebra print. The bed was in the center of the room against the wall and there was a desk against the wall to left of the bed. One the other wall there was a door that led into a small walk in closet sized room. 

              "That room was supposed to be a what ever you want room but we have other plans." Says Zayn. 

              "What do you mean other plans?" I ask them. 

              "Well, after hearing you sing we wanted to make it a recording studio." Louis says. 

              "R-really!? I have always wanted to have a place to record my music!" I say still so 


               "Yeah really, now come on I'm hungry and it's lunch time." Niall says. 

               "You're always hungry!" Yells Harry. 

               "We'll I'm hungry now too! I yell. 

                "Ok, ok we'll get you some lunch!" Says Liam. 

                "Yay!" I yell. 

                 We ate lunch out by the pool. Louis decided that we NEEDED to have pizza. After 

lunch we all wanted to go swimming in the humongous pool in the backyard. We were 

swimming for four hours when everyone else got out. 

                 "Why don't you get out for a little while, Rylie?" Liam asks me.

                 "I'm good." I reply. 

                 "You sure?" He asks me back. 

                 "Yes, I'm sure." I say with a smirk. 

                  I swim for another hour when Liam insists that I get out and rest for a little bit. I dry 

off and go sit down in a chair. The only thing I could think was that the chair was so warm and comfortable. Within five minutes my eyes closed and I was asleep.  


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