Beauty and the Beast?

He's feared, no one has the courage to talk to this boy, besides his few friends. He's known as the bad boy at his school, not a bad boy, the bad boy. Everyone thought he couldn't change-well- that was until Grace Belle moved to town. Something triggers both of them and they realize, they have a connection. Grace and Harry both start hanging around one another and well, maybe that's not all so good. Harry's danger, and his life is a danger to anyone around him, especially someone he's in love with. Now he has to figure out a way to keep Grace safe, but that might not work considering, she might be in more danger than imagined. Plus what would happen if Grace and Harry both made little side romances that might mean more than you would guess.


4. Chapter 4


  Harry's P.O.V

   How am I wasting this much time on Grace? What is she to me? I know that even though I don't want anything to do with her, I have to watch her back. And now, I'm going to waste more time with her over the stupid project.

  "What happened back there with Grace?" Zayn asked.

   "Nothing but utter shit," I said slamming my fist angrily against the lockers. The boys stayed silent for a moment before I spoke. "It happened again," I said resting against the lockers.

  "The vision thing? That's the second time that's happened in less than 24 hours," Louis said crossing his arms.

  "Last night you were stabbed with a pencil, what happened today?" Niall asked.

  "I-I kissed her, and I 'liked' it," I said making air quotations. The boys chuckled at me.

  "Mate, maybe you like her," Liam said gesturing towards Grace. I looked at Liam and basically spat.

  "No, I don't. I don't believe in falling in love and even if I did, I wouldn't go for a vulnerable mental child," I said. The boys exchanged glances as my girlfriend, Katie came running along to me.

  "Harry!" she squealed as she smashed her lips to mine. I didn't do anything I just stood there as she moved her lips. "Did you miss me?" she asked clinging on to my arm.

 "Yes," I said with no movement. Of course I didn't miss her, I just did it to not cause trouble.

    "I know you did," she said plastering her lips on mine again. The bell rung which meant I had to go sit with Grace for an hour. Katie pouted her lips.

  "I'll miss you," she said overly perky.

  "Okay," I said walking off. I made it to class, every third day in the cycle English teachers switched their roles so no Mr. Brittle today.

  "Alright, class, Mr. Brittle has you working on presentations with partners and that's what I imagine we'll be working on for the day," Ms. Baker said. The whole class mumbled 'hmm' and lazily walked to their partners. I stayed seated and looked ahead to see Grace had, too. Grace glanced back at me just staring. I finally gave in and walked over.

 "Well, it looks like you won't be putting much effort into the project if you can't even bother walking over," Grace said with a small eye roll.

 "Okay, I promise I'll walk over next time in the first minute," I said showing her that her battle was quite stupid to even continue with. I took a seat next to her and we just sat there for a moment before she spoke.

  "What did you mean when you said I shouldn't be around Dylan?" Grace asked looking at me puzzled.

  "You'll find out,"

Grace's P.O.V

  I'll find out? What the hell is he expecting me to do? I've had one conversation and I'm already flustered with him.

  "Okay, then what did you mean by 'It happened again, didn't it'?" I asked. Harry looked down at his lap.

  "If it happens again, you'll know," was his answer.

  "I've had one conversation with you and you've already gotten me frustrated," I said.

    "I apologize," he said through gritted teeth. After that we worked for the rest of the period without saying another word.

  *Skips to after school*

  He's frustrating. He's mental. He's completely difficult, but he's cute. I would want nothing more than to never talk to him but, I want to talk to him every chance I see him and I can't help it at all. Now, this is getting weird. 

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