Beauty and the Beast?

He's feared, no one has the courage to talk to this boy, besides his few friends. He's known as the bad boy at his school, not a bad boy, the bad boy. Everyone thought he couldn't change-well- that was until Grace Belle moved to town. Something triggers both of them and they realize, they have a connection. Grace and Harry both start hanging around one another and well, maybe that's not all so good. Harry's danger, and his life is a danger to anyone around him, especially someone he's in love with. Now he has to figure out a way to keep Grace safe, but that might not work considering, she might be in more danger than imagined. Plus what would happen if Grace and Harry both made little side romances that might mean more than you would guess.


15. Chapter 12


  ~Still Grace's P.O.V~

  I had a shiver go down my spine. Cold wind drifted in my direction causing goose bumps to form on my skin.

  "Don't be nervous, sweetheart, it's just me, I was your friend a few days ago," Dylan said coming up to me and approaching me. I kept walking backwards until I hit the wall. "You're very beautiful, did I tell you that before?" Dylan asked stroking my cheek.

 "Please, stop," I pleaded.

  "There's that little line again," Dylan said rolling his eyes. "You know, I didn't appreciate what you did in the hallway the other day," Dylan said.

  "I hadn't meant you to," I said feeling my body go numb. He sighed causing his breathe to go all over my body giving me more goose bumps, these weren't like the ones gave me though, these were ones from pure fright and discomfort.

  "You seem like a very confident girl, I like that," Dylan said moving his head toward mine. I got enough leverage from when his arms had trapped me. I pushed him slightly forward getting a gap between the two of us.

  "Please get away from me," I begged. Dylan laughed at nothing. He gripped his hands on my hips and pulled me even closer. "Let me go!" I screamed. Dylan wrapped one arm around my body and pulled me in further to him with his other arm. He puckered his lips and moved his head closer and just before his lips touched mine, a voice rung around us.

  "Let her go," the voice said, this wasn't a voice I had ever heard before. Dylan removed his hands fiercely which made me fall to the ground. I decided to stay put and not distract whoever was trying to help me. The person walked up faster to Dylan than Dylan to whoever this was. This guy looked like a god in the moonlight. He had honey coloured hair and he had pretty good biceps. He was breathing in and out ever so nicely puffing his chest out.

 "If only I would've guessed you'd be coming here, Hanson," Dylan said.

  "Maybe so, don't get near that girl again," the stranger said. Dylan marched up to be in front of the unknown person.

  "And if I don't?" the stranger chuckled and swung a punch at Dylan. Dylan then laughed a returned the favour back to the stranger. Not long after, they were in a complete fight.

  "Grace!" a deep, British voice yelled. Harry. He was here. The flirter from the bar. I jerked my head in his direction. He rushed over to me and lifted my up to my feet. I saw everybody else standing by the door and Perrie looked like she was about to cry for me. Harry grabbed my hand and squeezed my hand. Louis, and Liam joined in the fight with the stranger while Harry guided me by one arm and Perrie by the other.

  "Hey, Grace?" Dylan's voice said. The boys stopped fighting and listened to what he said. I was just inches from Dylan and he slowly approached me once more. His hand was about to touch my face when the stranger and Louis pulled him away. Harry and Perrie pulled me away again and we made it to the car. I sat in the passenger seat.

 "Why the hell did you wander off alone?! Why'd you have to leave the club, Grace?" Harry yelled. His normally emerald green eyes were now a darker than usual. "Couldn't you have thought first?" Harry asked more quietly than the first time he spoke.

  "Harry, she didn't know that would happen," Perrie said trying to calm Harry down.

  "No, it's fine, I was far too stupid to think before I stepped out in the first place, it's my fault. I'm an idiot," I said. Harry slowly stopped the wheel and stared down at his lap.

 "You know I didn't mean it like that," Harry said.

  "If that were true you wouldn't have even said it," I heard Eleanor mumble from behind me.

 "I guess so," was my reply. I didn't actually feel like giving myself something to pity for myself so the best thing to do was just agree with everything he said for tonight.

  "Where should we go?" Harry asked.

  "Head to my house, my parents are gone for the weekend," Zayn said.

  "And they left you and Perrie alone?" Eleanor asked in shock.

   "Wouldn't be the first time," Perrie shrugged. Perrie sat on Zayn's lap while Niall was squished in the middle between Zayn and Eleanor. I called my dad and let him know that I was sleeping over at Perrie's house along with Eleanor.

  "What happened to Danielle?" I asked.

  "She had to leave early, it was about some family thing," Eleanor replied. I nodded and the rest of the drive was quiet. Once we arrived at Zayn and Perrie's house, Eleanor and Perrie rushed to go make tea. After about 20 minutes Louis, Liam, and the stranger arrived at the house. The three had bloody knuckles and bruised, bloody faces but it wasn't anything that wouldn't look better in the morning.

  "So this is the girl Harry's fallen so deeply in love with," the stranger said. "What's your name?" he asked me.

 "Grace," I replied absently. "And yours?"

  "It's Luke," he replied.

  "Thank you for stepping in and helping me out tonight, you don't know how much I needed that," I said to Luke. I then turned to Liam and Louis. "Thank you boys, too,"

  "No problem, judging by the fact you didn't want to go to the club in the first place but went without protest just shows that you were worth it," Louis said. "But, I'm sorry, Grace,"


  "We held off Dylan tonight but that was a necessary mistake, he and others are coming after you for their 'revenge' on Harry, I'm just so sorry, it seems that now, you have the worst after you," Louis said. Everyone froze. I was now the target. Probably the most important target. What have I gotten myself into?

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