Niall's little thing

Claire is Nialls 7 year old daughter. When her mom is murderd and she has to go live with Niall and the rest of the band. Will her moms killer come after her to? find out whats happens in Niall's little thing.


34. poor lou

Justice's POV

I was still in Louis arms. I sneezed and then Sneezed again i've always been allergic to something here but, we still haven't pinpointed what it is.

" your still allergic to something arnt you " Louis asked

" yah I don't know what it is you don't have a dog, and you don't have pollen or anything " I answered

His arm was still around me when he fell asleep. It was strange watching him sleep. His chest rose and fell with every breathe. He seemed at peace. I lifted his arm off of me careful not to interrupt his sleep. I walked out of his room and into the living room where the boys were seated

" Hi Justice " Harry greeted

" Hi " I replied and sat next to him

" Is Lou still sick " Liam asked me

" Yah, but he's asleep " I answered with a smile

I bit my bottom lip. I brushed my brown hair away from my eyes. I felt a little insecure around all the boys. I sneezed again. Then blushed out of embarrassment.  

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