Niall's little thing

Claire is Nialls 7 year old daughter. When her mom is murderd and she has to go live with Niall and the rest of the band. Will her moms killer come after her to? find out whats happens in Niall's little thing.


20. blue eyes

today was a long day but all I could think about was justice. I should text her and see if shes free tomorrow. I pulled out my phone and added her contact. To Justice: Hi justice its me Louis just wanted to know what your doing." I typed then sent. I read over the text. ugh that text made it sound like I was a creepy stalker or something. From Justice: um sleeping To Justice: oh sry did I wake u up? From Justice: yah but its fine To Justice: um u wanna come over or do something tomorrow? From Justice: Sure I was so excited for tomorrow that I couldn't even sleep. *** *tomorrow* "wow calm down lou! your shaking the hole floor" niall said while gripping the table for dramatic effect. "sorry im just a little excited" "for what?" "I have... a friend coming over any minute now." just as I finished I heard the door bell. I took off running for the door. I swung it open to see the beautiful blue eyed girl. "ummm.... was that shirt I ruined the only one you have and where are your pants?" she asked. I was confused I looked down and realized that I was in just my boxers. I was so excited that she was coming over that I forgot to get dressed. I let her in then ran upstairs to get dressed.
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