Psychic - I Know

Saskia Walden isn't a freak. She's just...a human thought machine. Does it really matter that Saskia has just become a psychic? Of course not. Apart from the fact that she can't control when a vision will come along. Or whether it will effect herself, or anyone around her. See, nothing freaky at all.

Written by TazmaniaGirl.


6. 6

Saskia begged to follow June to the hospital, but the teachers wouldn't let her. She followed June on the gurney to the ambulance, but a teacher named Miss Higgs held her back with an iron grip. She tried to shove the teacher off, but it wouldn't work. Instead, Saskia turned, the teacher surprised at the sudden movement so much that she let go, and Saskia raced off, away from the scene. She attempted to climb the stairs, but June's blood stained the bottom of the stairwell.

Saskia stared long and hard at it for a moment, and then up the stairs, to the balcony. The boy was still there. He looked down at her directly. For a split second, Saskia thought about moving up the stairs quickly and beating the hell out of that boy, but she didn't know for sure whether that boy was involved. If he was, he wouldn't admit it. If he wasn't...he'd be another face in the crowd. Saskia narrowed her eyes at him, and he shot her a crooked smile.

What? Why would he do that? Didn't he understand that Saskia was on to him? Unless of course, he was innocent. Was he trying to be sympathetic? No, he couldn't be. Unless he knew something Saskia didn't, which she highly doubted. She'd seen June's accident before it had happened. If anyone knew anything, it was Saskia.

She threw him one last look, then left. She knew exactly where she was going.


Half an hour later, Saskia's mum collected Saskia from school. As they sat in the car, Saskia's mum began to ask questions.

'Did you force yourself to throw up?'

Saskia was about to reply with something like 'Why would you say that', but then again, she had. But for a good reason. She was about to explain when he mum sighed.

'What's happened?'

Well. It was obvious her mum was Psychic too.

'June fell down a flight of stairs. Mum, I knew it was going to happen. I saw it. And I saw something else too.'

She turned in her seat to face her mum. Her mother threw her a quick sideways glance, like Saskia had sort of done to the boy at the balconey. Then her mum sighed.

'I've had enough of your games, Saskia. Stop being so silly. Just tell the truth. What's really bugging you?'

'Mum, that is the truth! June was taken away in ambulance, unconcious, about half an hour ago! And I saw it happen before it did!'

Her mum moved up a gear, and the car flew forward. Saskia clutched the seat belt that crossed her chest with a tight grip, and kept her head back to avoid hurting her neck. That included breaking it.

'Were going to the hospital, then. Right now. I hope June is okay. Does her mother know?'

Saskia nodded. That was a bad idea, as her mum moved up yet another gear. Okay, this was illegal. They were breaking the limit, Saskia knew it. What was up with her mum? She was usually so focused on trying to keep to the law, and keep Saskia in shape. This wasn't a good impression! 

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