Psychic - I Know

Saskia Walden isn't a freak. She's just...a human thought machine. Does it really matter that Saskia has just become a psychic? Of course not. Apart from the fact that she can't control when a vision will come along. Or whether it will effect herself, or anyone around her. See, nothing freaky at all.

Written by TazmaniaGirl.


4. 4

Saskia couldn't fall asleep. The horror of watching her best friend being pushed down a flight of stairs...and then the blood...

She tossed over onto the other side. She pulled the duvet up and over her head, so far that all she could see was black. No light spilled through the sheets, hardly any air entered or escaped. What was her daydream all about? Why would she even...who would anyone even think about that? The more she thought about it, the more she felt sick. It was like some sort of...warning. Could the daydream come true? Or was it Saskia working her brain to hard, because she hadn't really done that in a while and it was the dead of night. Pushing back the sheet, and let out a long breath of air. How unfair could life be, sometimes?


Awake at last, Saskia climbed out of her sticky, sweaty sheets. She'd had a total of three nightmares through out the night. And she hadn't even slept that much! This had been the first time in a long time that Saskia hadn't slept well, and had that amount of nightmares. She assured herself that anyone else in that sort of situation would be exactly the same. Not that it made her feel any better.

She changed out of her damp pyjamas and into her uniform. It felt fresh against her skin and didn't cling tight to it like her pyjamas did. A quick spray of deodorant and she smelt better already. She got herself ready in double quick time, and then rushed down the stairs for a slice of toast. She decided it was best not to tell her mum anything, as she'd be a little suspicious, and think that perhaps Saskia was trying to make up an excuse not to go to school. It wasn't that she loved school, it was just...Saskia didn't like hospitals. They smelt like medicine and carried around colds and life threatening illnesses. Not the sort of environment she'd like to spend her time in.

'Are you in a rush?'

It was never a good morning with her mum. It was always...

A shiver. A cold, spine tingling shiver snaked up Saskia's back. Then, another. One more time and...

'Oh my God, June.'

June's body lay lifeless on the hospital bed. Blood stained the once white sheets, and her hair stuck to her face like glue. Her clothes had been swapped into a hospital gown, and her eyes were shut tight.

I watch with impatient eyes, waiting for something to happen, anything. That's when the machine to my right beeps, long and continuous. She isn't dead...she just doesn't respond.

The toast in Saskia's mouth felt bitter, and she ran over to the bin, and spat it out. Her mum gave her the funniest look, and then opened her mouth to speak.

'I'll see you later' Saskia said quickly, then raced down the hall, grabbed her school bag, and left.



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