they live next door

they have moved next door, well his parents are next door , now he is visiting them . Who lives next door to Bella MCallister ?. Find out in the movella ' they live next door' , find out what happens, go on read it !


2. ha ha got you !

Bella's P.O.V


I ran at them then when they were about to catch me I scrambled under there legs .

"Oh," They both said while turning round and seeing I was running out the house. Then when I got to the park , the park was green with pink lilies .It was beautiful  , I sat on the rusty grey bench. that creeked  as I sat on it.I sat there to catch my breath.Then Niall sat beside me.

"So how's you Bella ?" He asked looking at me

"Fine , how's the famous life?" I said flatly

"Your not very happy  are you ?" H said looking at me

"I just miss you , we used to hang about with each other every day , now life is boring , but now I can tell people that I was best friends with a pop star !" I said poking him

"I've missed you to !" We hugged a little , and soethig happened that was never expected ... We kissed , fireworks flew as we kissed, there was something that messed up our kiss, just one thing .

"OOOOOHHHHH!" Shouted Harry and the rest of the boys," Kissey kissey kissey," stated the boys again.

"Shut up!" Niall said while getting up and pushing them , ten wresting on the floor.I bowed my head in embarrassment , why ,why did it have to be them who turned up!

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