The stranger behind the mask *complete*

Lucy was 19 when her dream came true. That same day, she met a mysterious man. She knows nothing about him but finding him became her new dream.

*1D fan fiction*


12. The house

"Do you guys know where Harry and Annabeth could be?" I asked as Louis was driving. He gave me a nasty look through the rearview mirror.
Liam answered, " we think we do."
"Hang on! You think you do? But they could be anywhere. You can't doubt about it!"
"You can go and look for them by yourself then!" Louis spat.
I didn't answer but stuck my tongue at him.
The rest of the journey was silent.
Finally Louis parked the car in front of a massive portal. He got out of the car after saying he was checking if they were there. He opened the portal and walked toward the house. He opened the front door and rushed in.
"Where are we?" I asked the others.
Niall who was sitting on the front turned around. "We're at Harry's." I blushed when as he looked me in the eyes. I'm sure he is the one I'm looking for!
I nodded and looked through the window to see Louis coming back to the car. He stepped in and started it off without talking. He drove to another place which wasn't far from there.
"If they aren't there, we don't know any other place they could be in," Zayn explained me.
This time, we all got out of the car toward a small and red house.
Liam knocked on the front door and we waited in silence. A while later, a woman opened it and greeted us with a smile.
"I knew you would come." We followed her as she led us to the living-room.
As we came into the room, we saw two figures curled up against each other on the sofa. They lifted their heads when they saw us. I rushed toward Annabeth and hugged her as hard as I could, tears streaming down my cheeks.
She hugged me back tightly and sobbed in my ear "I'm so sorry, Lucy. I should have left you a note but... But..." But tears were inhibiting her from speaking.
I heard someone run toward the sofa and then, I saw Niall literally jumping on Harry, which nearly broke the couch.
"Ouch! Niall... I can't breath anymore!"
The latter got up and moved his head closer to Harry's.
"Don't you dare run away like that anymore," he told Harry with a supposed-to-be threatening look but it didn't seem to work on Harry, who stood up and hugged Niall. I sat next to Annabeth.
Then, I noticed a phone lying on the floor. I took it and saw it was unlock letting me see its wallpaper.
I froze.


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