The stranger behind the mask *complete*

Lucy was 19 when her dream came true. That same day, she met a mysterious man. She knows nothing about him but finding him became her new dream.

*1D fan fiction*


8. Explanation

I didn't really know where to start but I first told him about how much Annabeth loves him. Then, I explained him that I asked her to find information on Niall. One special information. I took a deep breath before telling him about Venice's carnival. I knew he would think I'm crazy but I was only saying the truth. I saw he was wondering why I was talking about the carnival because he had a questioning look on his face all along. Finally, I told him I was thinking Niall was that stranger. He didn't interrupt me once. But there was a long silence once I had stopped talking.

"So... You asked Annabeth to find out if Niall was in Venice that day and if he is that stranger you met? Am I right?" He looked confused.
"Yes, you are." I said, smiling weakly.
"No wonder why Annabeth is crazy,then. Did you contaminate her with your stupidity?" I heard a voice behind me. I turned around and saw Louis leaned against the wall.
"I'm not stupid! Neither is Annabeth! I'm saying the truth! I swear I do!" I shouted at him. He moved closer, grabbed my arm and led me toward the door.
"It was a very touching story but we don't have time to devote to you anymore. We've got to go." He turned toward Harry for the last part.
"Harry,please,believe me!" I pleaded before walking away to the entrance hall.
"Bye!" Louis yelled while I was walking.

I walked out of the building and saw the taxi's driver waiting for me. I stepped into the car and he started off.
"Could you wait here,please? I'll come back in a few minutes." I told the chauffeur. I walked in the hotel,packed up and paid before walking back to the taxi. I told the man to drive me at the airport. A few minutes later, he parked the car in front of it. I paid him and made my way into the building. I bought a ticket and waited many hours before the flight began. I hope I didn't come here for nothing! I didn't take the plane for nothing to happen afterwards!



The plane finally landed at Heathrow Airport. I walked out of it and grabbed my suitcase before going out. I was heading to the underground when I saw Annabeth walking toward me, a weak smile on her face. We faced eacb other in silence. And then, we hugged.
"I'm so sorry for yelling at you! I didn't mean it. I was so sad. I'm really sorry." She cried.
"That's nothing! I shouldn't have ask you to do that. I'm sorry as well." I whispered.
"Let's not talk about it anymore,then." She winked. I nodded.


We made our way to our flat, chatting as if nothing had happened. Once there, I unpacked and we started to cook. All of the sudden, Annabeth's phone rang. She looked at it with a questionning look.
"I don't know who it is." She muttered. And she answered, shrugging her shoulders.

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