how my life changed

if you like kidnapping, people going crazy and stuff like that this is the book for you


1. how it started

There was a black van. I tried to escape there clasp. They were too strong. My mum told me this would happen; I didn’t listen. I didn’t realise someone was following me; I just wanted to escape for a while. I shouldn’t have gone out in the middle of the night. No one was around. No one heard my screams. I was walking down the street staring at the navy blue sky. It looked like a heavily sequined dance costume with the amount of stars in the sky glistening over me. Everything seemed so perfect. I was listening to heavy metal music on top volume from my stud covered iPod so I couldn’t hear them coming. See I had been bullied since I cut my auburn hair short, died it pink and chucked out all of my floral print dresses and replaced them with bright short skirts and tops revealing my belly button but I didn’t think any one wanted to harm me. But obviously someone did. When they finally got me in the van I thought this cant be any one from school its too posh. I live in a poor area and this van obviously was posh because it was fully cushioned and all the walls were pristine white, but then I thought hang on a second this isn’t posh, it was a mental institution van! That was when I got really scared.


I started shouting “IM NOT CRAZY!” then I heard a voice say

“I know your not, BUT I am!”


I didn’t recognise him. I swear I had never seen him before. He had naturally blonde hair that he had shaved off the sides so he had a Mohawk which looks like it could slice your hand off and had dyed multi coloured streaks in the Mohawk. He was still in the mental institution clothing so had obviously escaped. His skin was as white as frost on a bitter morning and his eyes, oh his eyes. They were as wide as possible and dilated .I didn’t know him. I didn’t know what was going to happen to me. But this is the story I was born to live, and now I will share it with you and the world …..



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