This is a story about a 17 year old girl named Rachael White that lives in Texas. She has a single mom family with 1 older brother. One day she is on her way to Katy to visit her aunt. Justin Bieber is having a concert in Katy and Rachael is sad she is so close but can't go. But suprise strikes in the car..


9. Dad

Fireworks,Sparks,Butterflys whatever I felt it I smile and touch my lips looking down blushing remembering the way it felt to kiss Justin. Justin looks at me smiling probably remembering the same thing. I look down at our interlocked fingers and smile even more nothing could ruin my mood until.

Beep my phone goes off. I let go of Justin's hand and look at my phone. 1 new message from Mom. I open it up and instantly tense up Justin notices and gives me a questioning looks I fake a smile and he just shrugs looking back at the road. Maybe we didn't have to go back to my house. Christine is going to be there so I can't leave her there to deal with that nightmare. I also didn't want her or Justin to witness anything. Justin sighs and pulls the car over. I look at him not sure what he was doing. He looks over at me and pulls the phone out of my shaking hands. He sets it down and interlocks our fingers and says "What happened and don't lie to me I can tell when you lie". I sigh not wanting to cry at all the horrible memories. "Well... My dad needs a place to stay for a while and my mom being as dumb as she is let him stay at our house..." I pause looking up in Justin's eyes he smiled a slight encouraging smile. "I look back down and say well the reason they were divorced is because he was very abusive. Once my mom finally divorced him I started to heal and I was promised I would never see him again or be treated like that ever again. I pause wiping away a tear and take a deep breath "He did things to me he shouldn't have stuff that scars you for life. My mom will be at work all night that's probably why she let him stay but... im scared and especially since I have a boy with me.." I look at Justin who was just staring at me his expression unreadable. "I promise he won't touch you okay?" he said lifting my head up and wiping away my tears. He lightly kisses my lips and then pulls away.

Once back on the road I held hands with Justin the whole time in a comfortable silence. Once we pulled onto my road I tensed up Justin just rubbed his thumb across my hand that was interlocked with his.

We pull into the driveway and we get out and Justin gets our bags and carries them up to the front door with me slowly trailing behind him. He opens the door which was unlocked oddly. He sets our bags down by the front door and reaches for my hand. He interlocks our fingers and starts dragging me to the kitchen it was so quiet almost to quiet. He gives me a kiss right before swinging the kitchen door open. Standing in the middle of the kitchen was the person I never wanted to see again....

A/N~ Heys guys ive been prety busy so sorry for the wait but I thought this one was pretty good what did y'all think? Live Favorite and Comment if there is no feedback there are no chapters sorry guys much love XOXO Stay Amazing ~Rachael

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