Love At First Bite

Kasey never wished for a vampire life, but when her nosy side of her follows Harry, her best friend, to a vampire meeting! Kasey realizes she's crushing on a vampire, that she never thought she liked. She was just in love at first bite.


3. Lindsey

I smiled a bit and pushed him off, "What was that for?" I asked him. "I like you." Niall said. "Kinda noticed when I read this diary entry. Do you like me or Lindsey? I'm a bit confused." I looked at him. Niall gulped, "Both."

"What are you doing with my girlfriend, bastard?" Harry stormed in the room. 

"Girlfriend?" Niall scoffed.  

"Just stay away from Kasey."  

"I can do what I please, Mr. Styles."

Harry took my hand and dragged me to his room. "Okay, what is your problem with Niall?" I stopped Harry. "He likes you and he's on my nerves." 

"That's not an excuse." 

"Oh well you're my girlfriend." 

"I'm not anyone's. You are being such a bitch to Niall and I'm sick of it. Give him a break." 

"I-I'm sorry. He just wants everything I have and it's pissing me off. I dated Lindsey, he wanted Lindsey back, I got mad, but I didn't say nothing, but now he wants you, I'm done." 

"O-okay." I didn't know what to say. I gave him a kiss on the cheek and left back into Niall's room again. "What happen?" 


"Okay, so what do you want to do?" 

"We should go out and get some blood, I'm thirsty." 

"Me too." Niall laughed. We got up and opened the door. Harry was right outside. "Harry!"  

"I have to come too. You're my girl." 

"This is friends night out, Harry. You're not much of a friend, you're a boyfriend." 

"Fine, love you." Harry glared at Niall who was smirking.  

Niall got his car and opened the door for me. "Thank you." I smiled. 

"Your welcome." Niall smiled and got into the car. "Which club?" Niall asked. 

"Charlie's." I suggested. 

"Ooh, they got nice girls with blood type AB positive."  

"I don't have a favorite."  

"AB positive taste like chocolate blood to me. I got a sweet tooth." 

We both laughed as we arrived at Charlie's.

"Pretend we don't know each other so people won't be like, 'aren't you dating someone like the blondie over there.' Got it?" Niall asked. 


[Niall's P.O.V.]

"Hey babe." I said with a raspy voice. 

"Hey handsome." The girl said back to me. 

"Follow me." I took the girl's hand and brought her behind the club. I started to kiss her neck, smelling her blood.

"Hmm, O positive. Nice." I thought. I hovered around her neck. My fangs poked out. "Nice try." The girl smirked.  

"What?" I raised my eyebrow. 

"I'm a vampire too. I was gonna bite you but you were about to give me a hickey, I think." 

"What's your name?" I said, being cautious of everywhere I move. 

"Kat. What's your name?" 


"Are you solo or you in a vampire gang?" 

"Gang, you?" 

"Solo, but I could always join you, handsome." 

"Ah, beautiful, since we're both thirsty for fun.." Niall smirked and pushed Kat against the wall.


I was scanning the club for an idiot to bite until I saw -. No it can't be him.



He's making out with Lindsey, I can notice her pink hair anywhere.

I just don't know what to do. I ran away from Charlie's, crying.

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