Love At First Bite

Kasey never wished for a vampire life, but when her nosy side of her follows Harry, her best friend, to a vampire meeting! Kasey realizes she's crushing on a vampire, that she never thought she liked. She was just in love at first bite.


1. Founded and Bitten

Harry, did like a mosquito bite you?" I asked Harry, who had a bite mark on his neck. "Yea, I guess." He stuttered on his own words. I noticed something different about Harry. His eyes aren't emerald anymore, its red. He now has a bit of an overbite now. "You sure, Haz?" I asked, double-checking.  

"Y-Yea, I-I gotta go." Harry put on a quick smile and left.

"Whats up with Harry?" I asked Lindsey, who entered just as soon he left. "He's been hanging out with these new dudes down the street." She replied. "Thanks, I guess. Do you know any of the guys' names?"

"Ones Niall, I know that, and Zayn, I think. There's a couple of girls in the little gang so, you could get information on Harry." Lindsey said. "Thanks." I smiled.

I followed Harry to his little group, I saw some girls and boys I know from school, and a few others I don't know. They had a meeting behind Joey's Pizza Shop, so I hid behind a wall, peaking at the group.

Oh no. I accidentally kicked over a trash can.

"Who's there?" a voice yelled. I stepped out to be shown in front the group.

"Well hello, beautiful. What's your name." A blond haired boy smirked cockily.

"K-Kasey," I said.

"I'm Niall. Do you know anybody here?"

"Harry." I pointed at the curly-haired behind Niall.

Niall turned around, "Did you tell her about this? Anything?"  

"No, she followed me, but I told her not to." 

"No you didn't!" I pointed out. 

"Shut up Kasey." 


"What? You're vampires?" I was completely shocked.

"Whoops, I guess we gotta' bite her now." Niall smirked.

"Who wants some blood?" Niall grinned. "I'll take her." a boy with a beautiful brown quiff said.

"Hi." I smiled at the boy. "I'm Louis." He smiled cockily. Ugh. I thought. He hovered aganist my neck, looking for the right spot. He found one and bit into my skin. It hurt for awhile, but I groaned for him stop. He stopped and smirked, whispering in my ear, "Night, night." And everything went black.

Where am I? I thought. I blinked my eyes to get into focus. "Morning, love." Niall smiled at me, I was in a bed. "Where am I?" I looked around the room. "My room." Niall chuckled. "In your house?"

"No, in the warehouse. You can't be exposed to the world yet. Here's some shades, babe." Niall handed me shades and nodded. He was about to leave the room until I asked, "Where are you going?"

"Kitchen, so I could bring your breakfast to my room." I nodded and let him go.

The door was unlocked. I would escape after breakfast and run to the nearest motel. I thought. It was sorta all planned out.

"Hullo." Niall opened the door and gave me my breakfast, Raisin Bran. "Thanks." I put out a smile. I haven't talked to Harry since Louis bit me. "Need anything else?"

"Can I talk to Harry?"

"Uhm, not now." Niall said and quickly left the room.

Rude. I thought.

Five minutes later, a person knocked on the door.  

"Come in." 

It was one of the girls of the gang. "I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Emily. I'm Louis's girlfriend, so if you touch him, you're dead. He just wanted blood, he doesn't have feelings for you." Emily warned me. "I already have a boyfriend, thanks for the heads-ups, though." I smiled at her and she left. Another girl, but one of the boys came with her, "Hey. I'm Savanna," the girl said. "I'm Zayn." the boy waved to me. I feel so welcomed. I thought. But, I wanted to see Harry. He's my best friend.

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