Respect me , Under stand me , Love me *COMPLETED*

Angel Was Sexual Harresed and touched by her uncle since she was a kid tell 2011 and now its 2013 . She Had gone threw therapy and classes but she was just messed up. She would not let any boy touch her or look at her in a bad way or she would have a mental break down. The only thing that would make her smile or laugh was her idol .....Justin Bieber . Angels mom new he was the awnser too the problem so she got tickets for her too see him. What will happen at the concert? Will she finally get too be happy again?


9. Chapter 9

Justin's P.O.V

 We pulled away and looked into each others eyes. "I have experinced scary things and this movie is really funny too me" she said smirking. I really felt bad for angel she was going threw alot and the thing that confused me is that she said she would not let any boy touch her or stare her into eyes or she would flip. Why does she let me touch her and kiss her and stare at her... i mean i'm a boy too . "Why will you let me touch you and love you and not any boy"i asked. She looked at me and looked upset. "I picked you beacuse you saved me by your music and i felt sfe when ever i listened too your songs.... it felt like you were there ... but when you wern't i wold get sad ... but now i'm more than grateful for you" she explianed. I chuckle and kiss her cheek. We watched the rest of the movie.She yawned and i picked her up and she wraped her legs around my waist. I walk too the walk and lay her back against it. I began too kiss her gently and she went more roughly. I started too kiss her neck and she let out a quiet moan and then i moved up here jawline and kissed her passiontily . She pulled my shirt over my head and traced my abs as she kissed my neck. I played with her hair and she rubbed my back making me tickle.We hear a grunt and we snap are heads around and see angel's mom standing there tapping her foot.I slide my shirt on and me and angel stand there akwardly. "What do you think your doing?" angels mom spoke. "I was kissing my boyfriend!" she spat. Whoa whoa whoa did she just  called me her boyfriend?We didn't really ask each other out. I smirk behind her and her mom gave me a death stare."well we are gonna go on a date so see ya" she said grabbing my arm and pulling upstairs into her room. "I'm so sorry" she said. "It is fine it's not you fault beautiful " i said simpilatic. She smiled. "I'm gonna get ready for the date you should too."she said patting my cheek. She walked into her bathroom and i heard the water run.I walk too the door and hear her sing endless love. She sang the girl parts and just stayed silent for the guy parts.

(The song glee version):

I recorded it and set it as my my ringtone for her.She was a really good singer and she blew me away. I get in my tux and get my nice dress shoes and wait for angel too come blow me away. 

Angel's P.O.V

I got in the steam water and turned on endless love and i started too sing along. I have loved this song but i always wanted too sing it with someone but i am a horrible singer. I washed up and got ready once i finished i had this:

I put my hair in a bun and i walked out and saw justin's eyes on me."Your beautiful" he said wraping his arms around me. "You very handsome."i said poking his nose. "You ready!" he asked. i nodded and we walked out too the car and drove too this mystery place. "Were are we going?" i asked. He laughed. "Can't tell you its a secret!!" he said excited. We pulled over by this woods. He walked around and got me out."What are we doing here?" i asked. He just interwined are fingers and walked the trail until i was lost for breath. I saw lights all above me and candles around a blanket and a basket. There was a big lake that looked beautiful in the night."Justin oh my god!" i screamed hugging him tight. "You did all this but how you were with me the whole day" i said stunned. "I know some people and i needed there help." he said."Oh my god ilove you i love you i love you!" i screamed. He just laughed. He kissed me slowly softly and swept me off my feet suprisingly. He layed me on blanket and we started too eat and tlk about stuff that was random and laugh. "I'm so lucky too have you baby" justin said putting his hand on the side oof my face. "I'm lucky too have you!your justin bieber" i screamed. He giggled. I grabbed the guitar off the grass and set it on my lap.He started too play endless love."I love this song justin" i said. He smiled and sang softly along. He motioned me too sing along and i just shook my head."Come on your a good singer!i heard you singing your heart out in the shower" he said. I began too blush in embarassment.He contuined singing and i began too sing too.

Angel: And Your Eyes

Justin:Your eyes your eyes

Both:They tell me how much you care

         ohh yess , you will always be

              My endless love.

"See that was amazing!" he said cupping my face. I smile and blush. He picked me up and spun me around the lake and tickled me. "Justin stop!" i screamed laughing. He giggled."Ok then." he hover he lake and losened grip. "Justin don't you dare!" i screamed. He chuckled. He set me down and i smiled. He took off his blazed and and his button shirt and tie and took off his pants and everything besides his boxers."Come on lets jump in!" he said excited. "i don't know...." i said. He gave me the puppy dog face. "turn around" i demanded. He turned around. I look off my shoes and dress and was left in my bra and underwear. I walked next too justin and he checked me out. I smirked and stick my tongue out. "Ok 1....2...-"Justin pushed me in early and i shock of cold hit my body."Justin!" i scream. He was laughing his ass off. He jumped in and swam towards me. "Give me a kiss babe" he asked. I turn my face away from him. "You pushed me in no kiss for you!" i said. He chuckled. He grabbed me and made me look at him.I stared into his orbs and became weak. He kissed me and licked my bottom lip and are tongues danced together. Justin  put hishand on my ass and  squezzed it and he trailed kisses down my neck. I run my hand threw his hair and moan. He started too walk out of the water and he layed me against the blanket and hovered me and contunied kissing me. I ran my hands up and down his side and rubbed my hands across his v line. He would moan but not like i would. Justin makes me feel good and i love him... i would never thought i would be here kising justin bieber half naked on a blanket in the middle of the forest with a bautiful lake and candles. "I love you " i moaned as he kissed my neck. "I love you too " he said in my neck. 


sorry i havent updated i have been busyw ith my other movella called maid and i'm trying too finsh that so sorry :(

Thanks Readers:)

Love You XoXo.


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