Respect me , Under stand me , Love me *COMPLETED*

Angel Was Sexual Harresed and touched by her uncle since she was a kid tell 2011 and now its 2013 . She Had gone threw therapy and classes but she was just messed up. She would not let any boy touch her or look at her in a bad way or she would have a mental break down. The only thing that would make her smile or laugh was her idol .....Justin Bieber . Angels mom new he was the awnser too the problem so she got tickets for her too see him. What will happen at the concert? Will she finally get too be happy again?


7. Chapter 7

Justin's P.O.V

I grabbed angels hand and we walked up too the front door. Angel opened the door and we walked in quietly.We took are shoes off bye the door and walk up the stairs quietly until we got stopped by a light flashing on . "You guys came back late" my mom said leaning against the stairs. "We just say a movie and walked around and drove around and showed justin around." she explianed. "Angel you had me worried sick what if .." she stoped. What if what??"What if what mom!" angel spat. "What if your uncle got you!" she screamed. Angel gasped and i saw a tear stream down her pink cheek. I look at her worried. What's wrong with her uncle?"Mom how dare you talk about him or bring him up!.. i thought you wanted me too be happy no even more sad!" she spat. She yanked from my grasp and stormed up the stairs and slammed her bedroom door behind her. I sighed and looked at her mother that had her head in her hands. "It was my fault... i didn't keep up with time" i whispered. She shook her head and looked up. " I should have not brought up her uncle right now..." she said in shame. "Sorry for asking but what is with her uncle?" i asked kindly as possible. "It's up too her too tell you not me" she said getting up from the table and walking somewhere else in the house. I walk up the stairs and knock on the door. "Angel please open the door" i said sadly. She swung the door open and i saw her puffy eyes and red cheeks. "Oh angel" i said picking her up in a hug and walking over too the bed and setting her down. " I'm not like those girls that are happy and perfect and have no flaws" she said playing with my fingers. "You have no flaws either and you looked happy when i met you and every time i saw you" i said. she smiled and stared me into the eyes. "The reason why i'm happy is because of y-you... i was so depressed before you came rolling into my life." she explianed with some small tears. I wiped them away with my finger. "Why were you depressed?" i asked kindly. She looked down. "Can we go too bed now?" she asked. I smile and hug her. "Of course babe " i said letting her go. "I 'll just sleep on the floor ok" i said lifting her too her feet. She nodded and went in her closet and got some clothes and went in the bathroom. I took off my shirt and put some sweats on and new boxers and i set up my sleep area on the floor. I really felt bad for angel... what could be possibly wrong with that perfect girl? I lay on the floor and wait for angel too come out and the she eventuallly did. I smiled at her and she weak smiled back. She layed on her bed and looked down at me. She layed back down. "You should come lay up here" she whispered very quietly so nobody heard except me surprisingly. I stand up and lay next too her and wrap my arm around her and pull her close so she was safe. "Your safe with me angel" i whispered in her ear. She giggled and layed her head on my hand and i played with her thick long blonde hair. She stared too snore so i tryed falling asleep myself and the i dozed off and say me and angel together.


There getting closer and closer by the second! hope you liked the chapter guys!!

Thanks Readers:)

Love You XoXo.


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