Respect me , Under stand me , Love me *COMPLETED*

Angel Was Sexual Harresed and touched by her uncle since she was a kid tell 2011 and now its 2013 . She Had gone threw therapy and classes but she was just messed up. She would not let any boy touch her or look at her in a bad way or she would have a mental break down. The only thing that would make her smile or laugh was her idol .....Justin Bieber . Angels mom new he was the awnser too the problem so she got tickets for her too see him. What will happen at the concert? Will she finally get too be happy again?


22. Chapter 22 (Justin's P.O.V)

Justin's P.O.V

I flutter my eye's open and see Angel holding my hand tight while sleeping in a chair next too the bed. I smile and look around and see my mom and scooter talking in the corner. Angel stirred and let go off my hand and wiped her eyes."Morning beautiful" i said sweetly getting her too look at me. She smiled big. "How you doing bro"chaz said coming out of the bathroom.Alfredo and ryan came in and smiled at me and angel."I'm really really dizzy and sleepy" i said holding my head. My mom stopped talking and pay attention too me and angel. "Justin they ahven't found any o-negitive blood in the hospital so they need someone too donate blood." she said.I sighed and felt like crying.... i can't die."Just ask one of the fans they would do anything for justin... even donating blood."chaz said. "Yea thats a good idea!"ryan said hopping up."Guys i can't do that those are my fans ... my beliebers...i can't make them do that."i said hanging my head low. Little hands grabbed my face and lifted my head up and i met her eyes."I can.. i can donate" she said not breaking contact. My eyes got bigger. "No no angel.. i can't let you do that what if something happens too you."i said grabing on too her waist. "Your justin bieber.... if you something happens too you.... you will hurt many many many people and.... if somthing happens too me .... only a couple people will be crushed... and most of those people are your family acluding you." she said with a tear rolling. I shake my head and hold on too her tight. The door opened and i still looked at angel. "Mr.Bieber... we found no blood.... i don't know what too say no-Angel ripped from my grasp. "I'll donate blood"angel said. "Angel no-"she cut me off."It is for the best justin..." she said kissing me lightly. I hold onto her waist and kiss her slowly. "I love you" i whispered against her lips. "I love you "she said walking away with the doctor. The door closed and i layed back in my bed. "Justin she will be fine...." pattie said grabbing my hand and rubbing it."Yea she will be goood as new and so will you and you guys can go back too kissy " chaz said making kissy faces. Ryan smacked him and i let out a giggle with everyone. I started too get tired so i pushed my head in the pillow and fell asleep.


"Justin hey... hey.. wake up " angel said giggling. I flutter my eyes open and see her smile big and sit down by my feet with her hand on mine. "Angel your fine you look beautiful" i said excited."Justin your fine.... you have blood you can leave with me..." she said. "Baby why did you donate" i asked pulling her closer. "I would do anything for my love ... even if i had too die .... i would die for you" she said going closer leaning in. Are lips attached and moved sync and are tongues danced. "How could i ever repay you" i said thinking. "Don't even think about it bieber! no buying... no money... no new things... i don't care if it is just for fun... i say no!" she said demanding. I giggle. "Aww no promises princess" i said pecking her neck. She giggled and pulled me away. "Where is everyone ?" i asked looking around. "I asked if we could have private time. " she said playing with my hair. "Oh i wanted too talk too OUR MOM" i said winking. She giggled and looked at me confused. "Pattie told you ?" she asked. "Nah i could hear you screaming across the hospital " i said laughing. "Oops" she said shrugging and playing with my hair again. "I have this feeling that my mom new my uncle was gonna go too the concert and i feel like she is lying threw her teeth.." she said. "There is only one thing too figure out we need too watch her closely."i said placing a hain behind her ear. He eyes were still on my hair. "Is there shit in my hair or something ?" i asked.She giggled. "No your hair is just AHHHH"she screamed and motioned it too be crazy . I giggled. "You just have very fun bed hair." she said. I giggle. "Hey you should totally see my sex hair" i said winking. She gasped and giggled and slapped my arm. "OW!aye! aye ! OW!" I faked screamed holing on too my arm. "Oh my justin.. i'm so so sorry i didn't m-She stopped panicking when she saw the smirk slowly firm on my face."That wasn't funny justin" she said backing up. "NO no no come back baby" i wined. "NO that was mean and rude i seriously thought i hurt you just-i grabbed her arm and pulled her over and she fell on top of me. Are faces are closer. "Is this mean and rude" i whispered before kissing her roughly and holding tight too her hips. The door opened and we ingored and contuined are make out ses. "Holy shit-chaz said . "PDA in a hospital featuring Justin bieber . " ryan said . Angel stopped and we looked at them. Ryan was holding a camera and chaz and everyone was laughing. "Seriously guys you video taped that " i barked. Angeled giggled and looked back at me and placed another sweet kiss on my lips and made my anger grow away instantly. "We just wanted too see the couple in action" alfredo said winking. Everyone laughed. "Hey jb man we need too talk about this tour and other biss.... with angel" scooter said coming out of the crowd of the crew. "Ok well everyone the show is over byeee!!" angel said getting up and shooing them out and closing the door. She giggled and went over and sat next too me and i wrapped my arm around her. "Ok i'm letting you decide.... do you want too do one concert here and its done ...the believe tour is done for awhile because of this shooting thing..and help angel on her album.... and help her get famous and go too interviews and awards....or .... keep contuining the tour and then when it's over you can write new stuff with angel and help her get more famous." scooter explianed. I looked at angel and she stared into my eyes deeply. "What do you want me too do" i whispered. "Justin.... it is your des-"Not if your the reason i'm alive." i cut her off. "Um... justin i don't want you going threw the tour because what if my uncle strikes again?" i asked."exactly so its opition one please" i said too scooter. "Ok i'm on it bro... " scooter said dialing a number and walking out. Chaz and alfredo and ryan came after. "Hey justin do you and your girl wanna go play some ball at the park after we get out of the hospital." alfredo asked. I looked at angel with a curious face. "No justin stop.... i'm not making your choices now for my good benifit." she said pushing me lightly. "I want you too have a goood benifit." i said in her ear that made her shiver. "Ok lets go play ball once you get out" she said. They all jumped in cheer and joy. I laughed with all of them.

The door opened and we all turned and saw one of the nurses. "Um... Mrs... bieber someone left this for you" the nurse gave angel. We all snickered because she thought angel was my wife. I squuze her thighs and she giggled. She read the card the nurse gave her and she was stunned she looked shocked and discusted. "Babe is every-i stoped when she ran out of the room. I was lost for words. She droped the card on the floor. "Someone get that" i said pointing at it. Alfredo gave it to be and i flipped it open.

**Dear Angel,

That was a very very good choice too pick for your prince my princess.... well as he calls you. I would watch your back princess because like i said i'm gonna find you and i'm closer than you think.... Just remember The person that is closer with you with might be someone you might not expect too be your mother.... i mean you did say justin's mother was your mom so now you don't have too call your "mom" mom because she could not even be...Have fun playing ball at the park princess.... and make sure he doesn't jump infront of my bullet again or i will ruin both of you ... princess.

xoxo-"Your uncle"

I saw the air quotes and i got felt with confusion. "What is it justin?" chaz said nervously. "We are beening watched " i said gripping on the card tightley. "By who.." alfredo said in confusion. "The guy that shot me...... angel's un-"Uncle" they all said at the same time. I looked at them shocked. "How? When? where?" i spit out. "Your mom told us because angel told her." ryan said. I looked back at the paper and handed it too them too read. They read it and lifted there heads up at the same time. "We are all fucked " we all said at the same time. The door opened and we saw my mom holding on too angel tight looking at all of us. Alfredo gave my mom the card and she read it and gasped. Angel came over and hugged me tightley. "The playing ball thing is off...." Chaz sai ripping the card and throwing it away. I cradled angel as she cried. I played with her hair until i heard snores unstead sobs.


Getting intresting really!!!!! i love writing in this it is just funn!!! i hope i get more readers and comments and favs!!! so pwease read my movellas i would love you forever!!!!!!!!! I tried too make this long so i hope you like it !!!!!Sorry for any mistakes because i'm on my moms computer at another house because i have a split family... i'm gonna start doing something new i'm gonna write somthing about me at the end of chapters . Just too tell you guys about myself and all my crazy things :)

Fact #1

I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!! everyone in my family and school nows i'm the belieber of my state indiana and i have a friend from twitter i met that lives in indiana and she is the only friend that likes justin so if i wanna talk about justin crazly like about jerry....:) i just text her... but we are gonna meet soon because we are so close and we went too the justin bieber concert july 10th which was the best day of my life!!!!!! because he saw me and i started crying and screaming and it was embassing but idc when it comes too justin because he showed me how too love someone... too love him... hate and call me crazy but... i'm just in love :)

Thanks Readers :)

Love You XoXo.



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