Respect me , Under stand me , Love me *COMPLETED*

Angel Was Sexual Harresed and touched by her uncle since she was a kid tell 2011 and now its 2013 . She Had gone threw therapy and classes but she was just messed up. She would not let any boy touch her or look at her in a bad way or she would have a mental break down. The only thing that would make her smile or laugh was her idol .....Justin Bieber . Angels mom new he was the awnser too the problem so she got tickets for her too see him. What will happen at the concert? Will she finally get too be happy again?


19. Chapter 19

*You might get mad at me : / but something bad happens ugh soory : / *

Angel P.O.V

The banging on the door caused Justin too groan and disconnected his lips from my neck. I giggle and he gets up and walks too the door annoyed and swung it open. "PRACTICE NOW!" scooter screamed . Justin rolled his eyes and walked out and followed scooter. I got up shortly after and grabbed my pass so i could be allowed back stage. I walked out and watched justin dance and perform. And damn he looked good shirtless! Stop Thinking like that angel! He looked over by me and are eyes met and he smiled big. I waved and he winked my way. He brought up his game and sounded so good. I was surprised, He is so good live.I walk back too Justin's dressing room and sit down on the couch and play on my phone. I get on twitter a tweet a couple times.

Angel @Justinsmallgirl

Did you know @Justinbieber was sexy performing shirtless ;)?

Beliebers and people retweeted me and sent me instant dm's. I laughed at a lot of them . I saw Justin tweeted me and i smirked and opened it. 

Justin Bieber @Justinbieber

@Justinsmallgirl Oh babe you'll see me shirtless tonight ;) ;)

My eyes went wide and i began too laugh really hard i replied.

Angel @Justinsmallgirl

@Justinbieber *--* o.0 :D ;) :0 :) 

I laughed at the faces and locked my phone and looked up at the door opening. Justin came in all sweaty and shirtless. He smirked at me and i winked. "You feeling better" he asked. I thought about the uncle thing and just shrugged it off. "Wasn't really thinking about it but now that you ask... never better." i said getting up and wraping my arms around his waist. He wiped his forehead with a towel and threw it. "How much do you love me justin?" i asked randomly. He smirked and layed his hands on my cheek. " I love you so much i would take a bullet for you... i would die  for you ... your my world now" he said laying a soft sweet kiss on my lips. I smiled and pulled away. "you were always my world" i said pushing his abs and making him let go of me. He giggled and walked off into the bathroom. I heard water run so i sat back down and closed my eyes and just drifted off into sleep.


" Ok babe good luck " i said kissing him. I walked off and went too my seat a lot of beliebers asked me for autogragh's and pictures . I waited with Nicole for the show too start so me and Nicole started too catch up. "So you and Justin a thing now" she said rasing an eyebrow. "No that's why we kiss and love each other " i said sacastically."Ha i love this new angel!" she said punching my  arm. "Yea i'm very happy now " i said jumping. She laughed at me. The show started and me and Nicole danced the whole time and Justin kept smiling at me like a freak and i would blush red. I walked back stage with nicole and met up with the crew and just talked until ollg played and the girls went crazy. I laughed and just looked at the clueless girls looking around for me. I walk out and the dancers lead me too the chair. Justin turned and saw me . He smiled and came over and sat next too me and wraped his arm around me. He smiled down at me and sang too me softly. He kissed my cheek softly. He walked off and started dancing and i looked around and my eyes meet those same eyes again today. I was frozen and felt my self grip on the chair. He was holding something everyone would fear.

Justin's P.O.V

I dance with the dancers before turning back too angel. She was frozen and very pale i ran too her and she had her eyes glued too something. "Angel whats wrong " i whispered. She sat there looking scared as hell. I looked off into the crowd and saw the guy that was at angels house earlier. Her uncle! I became tense i stopped sing and everyone was screaming and was confused. He raised his hand and had a gun . My heart stopped i saw him aim it at angel i ran for my dear life and jumped in front of angel and the stadium was filled with a lowed gun shot sound. Everyone screamed in fear. I feel too my knees and saw blood trickle down my side. I heard everyone gasp and cry. I layed on the stage getting everyone scared. I had trouble breathing angel ran up too my side and big tears filled her eyes. "Justin please stay here don't die ... don't die " she kept repeating. I'm gonna be strong for her. I'm not gonna die. "You were right you would take a bullet for me" she said before everything went dark. 









Thanks Readers:)

Love You XoXo.


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