More than friends

Hannah and Justin have been friends since birth they really are bestfriends but they said they would never fall in love but one day it might have changed there minds read more to find out.


8. Ryan and Hannah


Hannah's pov

i woke up and grabbed a pair of sweatpants and a hoodie and pulled my hair into a messy bun i really wanted coffe so i called Chaz and Ryan to see if they wanted to come with me to the coffee shop 

Hannah: hey

Chaz: hey

Hannah: you and Ryan want to come get some coffee with me

Chaz: sure be there at the tour bus in 10 mins

Hannah: alright 

10 mintes later'

i walked outside and Chaz and Ryan where in the car waiting for me i got in 

Hannah: hey 

Chaz: hey 

Ryan: hey

Hannah: i'm ready for some coffee

Chaz & Ryan: me too

Hannah: lol

we pulled up at the coffee shop and we got a seat and then we went to order some coffee we all got our coffee's and we sat on the other side of the coffee shop we where talking until Ryan anwsered his phone 

Ryan: hey man

Justin: hey bro

Ryan: whats up

Justin: why are you Chaz and Hannah at the coffee shop

Ryan: because we wanted some coffee and how do you know that

Justin: because i'm here in the coffee shop on the other side 

Ryan: oh 

Justin: why dont yall come sit by me 

Ryan: i don't think Hannah will like that

Justin: so make her come

Ryan: i will try

Ryan: hey Justin wants us to go over on the other side to sit with him 

Chaz: um what about Hannah

Hannah: no no\ no 

Ryan: Hannah please you don't have to talk to him 

Chaz: yeah Hannah ya

Hannah: fine 

we walked over to where Justin was he instanly smiled at me i just rolled my eyes and sat by Ryan they started talking and i was just sitting there until someone talked to me

Ryan: well me and Chaz and Hannah better get going

Justin: alright 

we all got up inculding Justin i started walking torwards Ryan's car i got inside and Ryan Chaz and Justin where talking to each other what where they talking about

Justin: what's up with her

Ryan: what do you mean whats up with her 

Justin: she isn't talking at all 

Chaz: yeah maybe because she doesnt want to talk to you

Justin: i just want her to talk to me

Ryan: let her go 


Ryan: well me Chaz and Hannah are ging back to the tour bus to play video games see you later

Justin: okay bye

Ryan and Chaz finally got into the car and drove back to the tour bus we went inside and played video games and i sat in Ryan's lap because i always do we where playing against each other and i was beating them while we where playing we heard this door close and shut and someone come and sit down on the coach but we couldn't look because we where playing this game and i really didnt want to lose this game so right when it was over we all looked over and it was Justin with a confused face and kind of hurt alittle i just blew it off then i just got up and sat there until i heard Justin whispering to Ryan 

Justin: why was she sitting in your lap

Ryan: because she can

Justin: really 

Ryan: what

Justin: whatever 

Justin got up and went to the bathroom i went back and sat next to Ryan I mean i had feelings for Ryan i kinda though i was falling for him cause we've had this thing for a while so yeah Ryan was taking me out tonight when Justin got out he just walked out and didnt say a word soi got up and started getting reay for tonight

1 hour later

i got ready into a skin dress it was kinda tight it fit my self then i wore some high heels some light makeup and strightened my hair i walked out of the room and saw Ryan with a a happy face

Ryan; you look beautiful

Hannah: thank you you look handsome too

Ryan: thank you

Hannah: your welcome

Ryan and i took me to a beach and it was so pretty but we where done eating dinner and now we walking down the beach we stopped in front of the water

Ryan: Hannah will you go out with me

Hannah: yes i would love to

Ryan: im so glad you said yes ive liked you ever since i meet you 

Ryan leaned in and kissed me so solftly i felt sparks we kepted kissing

Justins pov 

i was walkinga long the beach until i noticed someone it looked like Ryan i keeped walking until i noticed it was Hannah and Ryan and they where kissing i was so angry and hurt and i was so mad at Ryan i cant believe they did this to me


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