More than friends

Hannah and Justin have been friends since birth they really are bestfriends but they said they would never fall in love but one day it might have changed there minds read more to find out.


5. i need you back


Hannah's pov

Hannah: come on Austin

Austin: im coming

Austin and i lefted the party and went to house when we pulled up i got out of the car and so did Austin we went striaght to his room but then i realized i didn't have any cloths with me

Hannah: i don't have any clothes 

Austin: its okay i have some you can borrow

Hannah: okay

Austin went over to his drawer and handed me some sweatpants and sweatshirt i love wearing his clothes  then i went over to the bed and decide i want to take a picture with Austin

Hannah: hey Austin come here

Austin: coming

Austin came and sat right next to me 

Austin: what did you want

Hannah: to take a picture 

Austin: okay 

Austin leaned in and kissed me on the cheek i just smiled once we were done i posted to the pic to twitter and 


@Hannahlove Had a great time with the amazing guy :) @austinmahone

then i logged out and cuddled to Austin and went to sleep


Justins pov 

Hannah lefted with Austin i dont know where i got in my car and drove home when i got inside i laid on my bed and was scrolling threw twitter until i found this one tweet that caaught my eye it said

@Hannahlove Had a great  time with the amazing guy @austinmahone

i was so heartbroken that should be me kissing her cheek and staying at my house or her house i have to get her back 


*hey guys comment for a new chapter*



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