Playa Boii

Beatriz moved from Holmes Chapel to London for High School.She was a bad girl back then thats why she left her home.
She starts a new life but then meets Niall.She may be mean to him.But then does she fall for him?
She thinks that his a player.Is he...?


2. Chapter 2:

Beatriz's POV:


I met the girls at the restroom.

"Hey girls what's up?" They were all fixng their make-up i was fixing my hair.

"Well our boyfriends are finally gonna sit with us." Mitzy said happily.

"Harry,Zayn,and Louis are gonna sit with us?" I asked.

"Yeahh and theymet someone new so they're gonna bring him." I nodded. I

"Who is it?" I asked worriedly.

"It's Niall.But don't freak out! Harry told me that Niall said that he kind of likes you,so give him a chance!" Mitzy said pleading.

"Ughh i dont know he looks like those players type.And i don't want to fall for that." I said.

"Duude what the hell? He was staring and smiling at you through all the periods!" Evelyn said.

"That doesn't mean anything."

"Yeahh and let's go cause i wanna eat im starving!" Bibi said.

We went outside to the cafeteria.The guys already were sitting there with Niall. Ughh not again.

Mitzy kissed Harry,Lizbeth kissed Zayn,and Evelyn Kissed Louis.I was the single one haa.

Well I had to sit in between Mitzy and Niall.We sat and talked.I learned lots about Niall he plays soccer really good that he won trophies before,plays the guitar,and is a good singer.Woow.

He kept touching my hand and thigh under the table and i hit it away.The other's were too busy smooching.They went to throw away their lunches but I wasn't done with my apple and neither was Niall so I was stuck with.

"Your so sexyy." He said giving me a weird smile.

"Ughh, never." I stuck the tongue at his face and went to throw away my trash.The bell rang so I had to go.Gym i next with Mitzy,Harry,Bibi,and Niall. UUGHHCHYCBOSYH.


Mitzy,Bibi,and I went to the girl's locker room to change to our gym clothes.Harry and Niall were at the boy's locker room changing too.But we had to play soccer with them ughh.But when Niall winks at me I feel myself shiver.I can't be feeling this What the hell neveeer!

I put my hair in a ponytail and a neon green bow.My hair was super long it reaches at the beggining of my bum,dark brown,and in long layers.

As soon as I got out of the locker room Niall and Harry were staring at our legs.Niall obviously at me.He did a whistle sound and he was about to touch me but i grabbed his hand and tossed it away,

"Never touch me you moron!" I screamed at his face.He put his hands up in the hair and did a winky face and left with Harry.

"See I told you he likes you!" Mitzy said.

"He only wants my body." I said sadly. Wait why im I sad? Ughh.

"Okaay were gonna play soccer im going to announce the teams,

Sara,Yulie,Melissa,Chris,Tom,Ruby,and Paul in Team Visitor and Team Home is Harry,Mitzy,Bibi,Niall,Beatriz,Katie,and Matt. An questions?"

Oh yess Do you want me to hit you with a fuckin hammer or a truck?!


Well im actually kind of good at soccer.I hit 3 goals for my team,Niall did 3 too,and Harry did 2.The other's sucked at soccer.And the other team lost.

Niall kept staring at my legs and chest what the fuck? I kept putting death glares at him.He just winked back and I rolled my eyes...


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