My heart in your hands

This is the story of Sam Niall and Harry. Niall dated Sam and broke her heart. Then Harry helped her through it and they fell in love. Read. READ I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!


1. Nialls POV

Nialls POV 


"SAM GET THE HELL BACK HERE!!!" I screamed. She stomped back. "What?" She snapped. I slapped her in the face. Harry and the guys ran in. "Niall?!?" Harry screamed at me. He helped Sam up and out of the room. I realized what I just did. "Sam…" I started towards her. Liam blocked my pathway. The guys all left but Liam. He shook his head at me. "That's the 8th time you've slapped her! She's the sweetest girl in the world…" "that's just it. She's so sweet and it makes me go wonky in the head." I snapped back. "Dude. It's over. I know you love her, but she doesn't love you…I can tell. It's like when Danielle looks at me. She has a look in her eyes that tells me she loves me. I tell her that everyday and she says it back. But when I see Sam look in your eyes, I don't see it. You should just, stay away from her. Just…Leave her alone." He patted my back and left the room. He was right. She's bad for me. But I love her so much. I need to apologize. I went outside where she went with Harry and they were kissing. Here comes the rage. "SAM WHAT THE FUCK?!?!" I screamed. Harry pulled away and stood infront of her. I pushed him away and punched Sam in the face. She fell to the floor. Zayn and Liam came out and pulled me away. "This isn't over you little dick!" I screamed at her. 

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