Best Friends To Love

Mitzy is a 12 year old young that lives happy with her six best friends Beatriz,Zayn ,Liam ,Louis Niall ,and Harry.Harry and her have been together since 13 years old.What happens when she gets older and everything changes when the guys are the biggest boy band in history?There's lots of drama in the middle and there's gonna be 3 books for this.Read and find out vote,and follow plzz ! c:


9. Chapter 9:

Mitzy's POV:

I woke up by the sound of people singing Happy Birthday Song.I sat up and rubbed my eyes.I saw my Mom,Dad,and Beatriz singing Happy Birthday to me with a little cake on my Mom's hands.It was a cute cake it had glitter,chocolate frosting,and little flowers on the end.

"Oh my god thankss! I love ya'll!" I exclaimed.

"Haa no problem sweetheart it's a special day for you!" Dad said.I smiled and my mom said putting her hands together,

"Okaay chop chop eat your cake for breakfast and dress on something simple were going to the Beauty Salon cause it gets full on Saturdays while your dad helps the DJ people get everything plugged in!"

Beatriz and I nodded.My mom and dad went to their room to get ready.We took a quickly shower.

"Haa! Happy B-Day again Mitzyy!"

"Lool thanks and please stop it !" She just laughed and we changed.I put on some jean shorts,a neon pink loose shirt with a necklace,and my neon pink converse.Beatriz put her black jeans,black loose shirt,and her black converse.

We just went with natural hair witch it's straight hair.We got ur phones,bags,and went downstairs.My mom as waiting for us on the car.

"Byee Dad!"


We got in the car and drove to the Beauty Salon.The whole ride was just listening to the radio.

When we got there,I was surprised by how big it was.It's almost the size of a shopping Mall.The whole building was just glass no walls,except for the ceiling.We got out of the car and got inside.

"Helloo Vanessa,long time no see! Well we just want our hair,make-up,and a massage done cause it's my daghter's birthday!" My mom said to the lady infront of us.

"Ohh sure and Happy Birthday young lady!" She smiled to me.

"Thankss." I smiled and she led us to a pink room.It had 5 desks to make your hair styles and 3 beds for your massage.We had 6 hours to stay here until the party.Yaay!

"Okaay sit on one of the desks and the ladies will be coming any minute."Shesaid and walked out of the room.

"Okaay girls look at this book.It has all the hair styles they can make."My mom said handing us a white book.I looked through it and it was full of pretty hair styles.I picked a hair style that did the French Braid on the top of my head with flowers on it all the way to the bottom but some pieces of hair were in curls.And my bangs on the side.

"I picked this one."Beatriz said pointing to the picture.It was a Fishtail Long Braid going to her side and her bangs on the side too.

"Okaay girls those are pretty tell the lady to do that!" She smiled.

"What hair style are you gonna do mom?" I asked.

"Umm this one." She said pointing to the pic.It was her hair on the side in curls and her bangs in a French braid with smaller flowers.

"Ohh that's pretty Mrs.Gutierrez!" Beatriz said.

"Thanks Beatriz." My mom smiled.Soon the ladies came and did our hair.Mines and Beatriz's took 1 hour and my mom's took 2 hours,with our make-up done too.So we have 3 hours for massage.For the massage we had to be naked with just a towel,how awkuard.But it was ladies who did our massage so it's okaay i quess.I slept during my massage...

~3 hours later~


"Wakee up sweeatheart! Get dressed we have 20 until the party starts and we still have to dress!" My mom yelled.

"Okaay be ready in a min.!"I yelled.I got up nd went to the changing room.I got out of there and my mom and Beatriz wre waiting.

"It's gonna be 200 dollars ma'm."The man said.She paid and we left.The car ride we were all in a rush...



Harry's POV:

The lads and I were getting ready for Mitzy's party.Im just so excited to see her and ask her out.

"Are you ready?!" My mom yelled from her room.

"Yess mom be downstairs!" I shouted back.I had a black tuxedo on with my sided curls.I got Mitzy's present and put it my pocket.It was a golden necklace,fur earrings,and a together forever bracelet.She loved to wear jewerly.

My mom and Dad came downstairs.My mom in a short tight black dress and my dad in a tux,too.They got the keys and started driving over there.


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