Forever Or Never Characters

Info about the Forever Or Never Characters. This will include Forever Or Never characters and the characters from future sequels. This is to help readers get a visual of what the characters look like.


2. Jasmine Dawson- Forever Or Never

 Name- Jasmine Dawson 

Age- 17

Features- Medium length Brown/Blonde hair. Brown eyes. Red eyes when fangs come out.

Bio- Jasmine is a small town girl just like her older sister Chelsea. Jasmine never knew her dad, but her mom never took care of her. She was basically raised by Chelsea starting at 12. When Chelsea turned 18 they both moved out away from their mom and got a place of their own. Jasmine is also shy and always has her nose in a book. She's heard many times from Chelsea that she's pretty but doesn't seem to believe it. Got turned into a vamp by Louis.

Powers- She can control moods.

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