Use Somebody

Bridgett Sailor- or Sailor as she now goes by- was in a car accident with her sister Mandy. While B survives, Mandy is killed. Music and Mandy's favorite song- Use Somebody- become Sailor's only link to her. For a weeks she thinks the only one she needs is Mandy, until she finds someone she didn't know she was looking for.
*entry for the Inspired by a Song competition


5. Mandy Always Knows

Trey and I kept seeing each other until school started. Even then he came back to visit. Every time was the same. We started with Mandy and Use Somebody, the proceeded to other songs. We shared our life stories and he became my best friend. I could never forget Mandy, no one could replace her. Everyone thought I was using him to replace her. My parents thought it was good I found someone to connect with, my friends thought it was shallow. I just realized that I had to move on from the accident, from loosing Mandy.

I went to the doctors one day a few months after the accident for a check up for my concussion. He told me something I never would have guessed. I couldn't have survived a crash like that. I was supposed to die.. But I didn't. Some say it was fate, others say I got lucky. My parents say it was a miracle. But I say it was Trey Leon. I survived because I had to meet him. I had to play music with him. I survived because I was destined for great things. Mandy died because she did great things. It was time for her to come home, and time for me to begin my journey.

The night before the first day of senior year, I did something I never thought I could do. I opened her door. I took a deep breath and turned the knob. I walked in, shut the door, and turned on her lights. Her room was exactly like it was 4 months ago. Her closet half open, clothes sticking out of the drawers, her laptop open and on, shoes and clothes on the floor... I sat down on the bed and cried. I looked at the picture of us hanging on her wall. It was from her 18th birthday, we were hugging on the stage. It was right after I played her Mandy.

"Hey Mandy." I could feel her around me and it felt comforting. "I miss you. I've been focusing really hard on my music for you. My favorite song to sing and play has become Use Somebody. For so long I thought the person I needed was you. And all though its true, the person I really needed was Trey. He's so sweet and went through the exact same thing as us. He lost his brother in a car accident too. He's also Tyler's cousin. I'm starting senior year tomorrow, and I'm going by Sailor now. Or B. Bridgett just isn't me anymore. Maybe one day when I'm older, I'll be able to here it and not cringe, but that won't be anytime soon. I'll be stopping by every once in a while. Maybe one day mom and dad will be able to come in, too. Until then, I'll see you. I love you, Manderz. Keep watching over us." I smiled and took a deep breath, wiping a tear from my face. I didn't think I needed to tell Mandy all that stuff, but I still felt I had to.

After all, Mandy always knows.

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