Our Love Story

This is a true story! :)


1. Our Love Story

Life is a storm. At least that's what I've learned. And only you can make the rainbow. And every storm, every rainbow has a story. Wether it's good or bad. I have mine. And it's quite interesting to tell. So it all started back in the 5th grade. I was getting very sick. Bruising, nosebleeds, and I was always tired. After over 2 weeks of testing, the doctors found I had something call T-Cell Acute Lymhoblastic Leukemia High-Risk. Cancer. I was only 10. I started chemo, radiation, stem cells, and the typical protocol for childhood leukemia patients. I couldn't go to 5th grade anymore and I couldn't go outside. I couldn't go to stores without a mask and I couldn't ride bikes. I had something called a mediocre which is a catheter put into your chest for medicines. Because I was a high risk patient, and because I was over the age of 9, leukemia would be harder to treat. I also was at a higher risk for relapse and more cancers. I got my fair share of crying. In one year, I was in the hospital for over 294 days total. I had finally gained remission in the beginning of 6th grade. I was finally able to to public school and not be homeschooled. That's when I met Louis. He was love at first sight. I was only 12. But I could tell he was the one. We hung out all the time. We had that friendship. For about 5 months we did everything together. It was almost the end of 6th grade when in the sour of the moment, something was taken away from me. My health. I felt perfectly fine. But my cancer returned about 9 months later from remission. But I also had kidney failure and liver problems. Which meant chemo, radiation, and treatment wasn't going to work out for me. That mean no treatment to cure my cancer that came back. I was only 12. My hair finally reached my shoulders. This all mean to couldn't see Lou anymore. It was so difficult and hard. I was in so much pain. Not because of cancer but because of my kidneys and liver. If my kidneys didn't kill me, my liver would of. I knew I was going to die. And everyone else around me did too. But me and Lou stayed strong. And we fought as hard as we could. That was until one day. Lou said he loved me. That he would die for me. He asked me what I would do without him If something happened. I couldn't talk to his face because I was stuck in isolation for the past weeks. I didn't know where he was going with it. But 1 week later, I had gotten a new bone marrow, kidneys, and a liver. All from my best friend Lou. He died for me. His heart was failing and he didn't want I tell me. A few days later I got a letter in the mail. Lou mailed it. And I read it. 'Dear Cassie, I know you already know all this, but I couldn't bare to see you in pain. I couldn't take it. Let alone mine. I decided that when I died, I would donate to you. Because all my othe organs were great, I had the opportunity to save your life. We never got to see each other anymore and I couldn't stand it. As I write this letter, I won't be here in 4 days. I need you to move on. But never forget me. Your love, Louis'. I have kept that note for over 7 years. Louis was only 13 when he died of heart failure. He was my love, my life. Love story by Taylor Swift reminds me of this because I never got to see Louis because of cancer. Our relationship was breaking up. And when I got to see him, it wasn't very good because I was always sick. And I thought Lou wanted me no longer. But in the end, he died for me. In the song Love Story, she gets the guy. But in life, there Aren't always happy endings, so give me a great middle and happy beginning. I miss Louis a lot. And I wanted to share our story.

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