In Love With A Malfoy

Lily Luna Potter is the daughter of the most famous person in the Wizareding world Harry Potter and Ginny Wesley her older Brothers are Albus and James Potter. she also has 3 Cousin's Rosie Louis Rosie's youngest brother and then Tom Wesley. This is their final year and Scorpio's also he and Lily and Rosie are all good friends al of them but Rosie wants to be more then friends with him. Lily is Dating Luna and Neville's Oldest Son Hayden. So will Rosie and Scorp be together in their last year


5. Chapter 4 (Scorpios)

I looked her in the eye did i just kiss her and did she like it we had are arms around each other and i felt teh tip of my ears turning pink i let her go.<I dont like Rosie I love her>.I thought to my self the long thought i mean we are both in Gryffindoor Posy left after that "So Rosie did you like it" I asked her and she looked at me and blushed even Darker "yes i did you" i must have gotten pinker couse it showed it in her eyes "Yes i did" i said and she laughed

'you know if you want to tell me something just say it couse were almost there" she said i dintknow what to say so i sat down beside her and kissed her again "I Like you Rosie will you plz date me" i asked her everyword "Yes" she said threw our kissing and then i heard it a scream that only one person can make my Ex-Girlfriend Posy  she ran in and Rosie was grabed by the hair and a wand held to her neck

'POSY WHAT THE FUCK" i yelled aand she turned to me "YOU DUMPED ME FOR HER-HER OF ALL PEOPLE" then it was Rosies trun "I am the daughter of Ron and Hermione best friends to HARRY Potter and Ginny Potter 3/4 of the Golden Trio and YOUR MOTHER WAS A SLUTY BITCH HANGING ALL OVER DRACO ALSO AND GESS WHAT HE DINT EVEN LOVE HER HE LOVED A GIRL IN RAVENCLAW Jena " She yelled at her and then Posy was done with games i Grabed Posy by the arm and then I draged her out and threw her to teh round "Stay there" i said and went back in and sat beside her and put her in my arms as she was trying to staty awake and to do that I kissed her and we did this till we got thier....Will this be forever or will it be a week.

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