she stares at the cuts,scars,and bruises on her body.Olivia May Martin lives in london and has been abused from her all started when she was 11.thats when her mother died.after her only friend takes her life 17, in high school its even harder for her. She gets told every day that shes ugly,fat,worthless and doesnt deserve to live because nobody likes her.Olivia just wants it all to stop.and end.She wants to be with her mother and her friend .will she end her life?(one direction)


4. escaping from it all.



I ran up the stairs,and into my room.I grabed the pink bag from off the floor and shoved my iphone charger,some clothes and money inside.Then grabed my phone off my bed and walked to the bathroom.Once in the bathroom i grabed my little bag that has my 'stuff' inside and put that in the pink bag too.I picked both my pink bag and my school bag and headed to the door.


As I walked to the door I turned around to look at the house one last time.I grabed the handle and walked out the door.To my luck it was raining.I didn't know where I was going I just walked,with both bags on my side.Still wearing the clothes from school.




Me and Niall went to go grab some food from the store.And as we were puting the bags in the trunk it started to rain.So we closed it and got inside the car.I started it and drove out of the parking lot.


we were almost there when I saw a girl walking on the sidewalk.she was soking wet and looked like she was lost,so I pulled over."Liam what are you doing?" Niall said."Just trust me"



I was still walking not knowing where to go.My clothes wet, and my new toms soking from steping in puddles when there was no way around them.It started to pour.The rain now coming down in sheets.I looked over to my right as a car slowed down.The window rolled down and a person said "Are you lost?do you need a ride?"






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