Will It All Change?

(This movella is for 'Non Swifties') Meet Taylor, she used to be that girl thy made fun of everyone. Not she's being made fun of. Everyone turned on her. Will she still find love, and get a happily ever after or will it all stay the same?


3. Unexpected Surprises

Chapter 3

I was sick today so I couldn't go to school. My mom brought me some Advil for me to take every couple hours. 
My mom left for work a couple hours ago and I was lying in bed all alone. I didn't mind because it beats being at school and being made fun of. 
I started to feel sick like I would throw up. I ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet. I had nothing to eat so it was a dry hack. 
I started to cry. Then I heard a knock at the door. I ran to answer the door. When I opened it, Louis Tomlinson was standing there. 
"Hi Louis!" I said. 
"Hey Tay, can I come in?" He asked. 
"Umm Ya." I said. I moved over so he could come in and shut the door after him. 
"So,  what are you doing here?" I asked. 
"I came here to talk, about you" he said. 
"Ok we all know that you are bullied. But that's not the point. I want to know, why you self harm! You know it's wrong."
"Because everyone hates me and it eases the pain. But the scars are permanent." I said confidently. 
All of a sudden someone burst through the door. I heard muffled screaming downstairs.
"Where the hell is the girl?" One guy said. 
"I don't know man! She was here I swear!" Another said. At this point I was scared. "Louis what are they doing here?" I asked. 
"I was about to ask the same thing!" He said. Then the door to my room burst open! And in walked....

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