Will It All Change?

(This movella is for 'Non Swifties') Meet Taylor, she used to be that girl thy made fun of everyone. Not she's being made fun of. Everyone turned on her. Will she still find love, and get a happily ever after or will it all stay the same?


6. Ideas

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I stopped walking. Harry looked at me like I was crazy. 
"Come on Tori!" He said. 
"You come here!" I yelled! He walked over, and I grabbed the collar of his shirt and kissed him! He was shocked at first the started to kiss back!

Niall's POV
I heard someone talking and it sounded like they were outside. 
"Guys did you hear that?" Hope asked. 
"Thank god I wasn't the only one!" I laughed. 
"I think Tori and Harry are here, but why didnt they come in? It's pouring!! Bree said.  We walked to the door to see if it was them. It was. And they were sucking face.  We all ran out the door and scared them. 
"RAAHH!!!" We screamed at the same time! 
"AAAHHHHHHH" Tori screamed and ran into the house!
Everyone started laughing even Harry! 
"Tori? Where are you?" Bree asked as we walked in. 
"I'm here." She said. 

Harry's POV
Tori came out in bright blue and pink shorts and a purple tank top. 
"Hey those are my clothes!" Bree said. 
"You want me to get your house all wet?" She asked sarcastically. 
"Harry, you are still soaking wet!" Bree said, 
"Do you want any extra clothes?" She asked
"Nah I'm good, I have extra sweats in Tori's bag!" I answered. 
"WHAT?!" Tori yelled. 
"Oh ya, I forgot to tell you, when you went to the bathroom I put my sweat pants in your bag, thanks love!" I said.  
"Ugh Harry! Why didn't you tell me?" 
"I just did" 

Tori's POV
Harry came out of the bathroom in just sweatpants and no shirt. God, he was so hot!!
"Ok guys, I think we should do something about Taylor! What have each of you done to her so far?" I asked. 
"I asked he to be my girlfriend in front of like 20 people just to make her look desperate! And I dragged her slapped her and stepped on her!" Niall said. 
"Nialler, you're so bad!! I love you!" Hope said!
"I chased her around her house and pushed her into a trash can..." Harry shrugged. 
"Harry, I'd love you either way!!" I whispered and kissed his cheek. 

Hope's POV
We talked a little more about what we are going to do to Taylor. 
"I think we should de one BIG thing as like a finale for the year!!" Harry said. 
"OMG that's a great idea!! But what do we do?" Bree said. 
"I got it!!" Tori yelled!
"What? What? WHAT?!" Me and Bree said together!
"We throw a party here! If that's ok with your parents Bree..." 
"Ya my parents are away this month and I will give Lidia, the maid, the week off!" She said. 
"Ok back to the idea, and we get Taylor really drunk and have someone....." 

Tori's POV
"And have someone....." I trailed off because I knew they would want to know. 
"SOMEONE WHAT!!?!??!" They yelled at me! 
"Oh now that you yelled at me, I'm not gonna tell you!" I pouted. 
"Aww baby tell us!" Harry whispered in my ear. 
"Only for a kiss!" I said. He turned my head and kissed me, he slid his tongue across my bottom lip, and I bit his tongue. 
"Ey that hurts!" He whined. I just laughed. 
"Ok now that we are back to G rating THE IDEA TORI!!" Niall yelled. 
"Ok, ok! And we have someone either give her drugs to make her pass out or have her stay the night with someone, someone who says they won't hurt her, and end up breaking her heart and then raping her and leaving!!"

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