The Big Suprise

4 british boys and one irish boy are on there way to america to do a concert. And there is this one girl Rachel who is waiting to see them in concert and see them in person for the meet and greet.she cant wait to bring her two best friends named lea and maddie.


2. The Girl Is

                                     *HARRY'S P.O.V*                                      The first girl i saw was wearing a red beanie,white jeans,red Airwalks,and a grey One Direction T-shirt.We looked at each others eyes and the I grabbed her hand and pulled her on stage with me.i said "hello New Jersey welcome to the concert.Now i have a guest on the stage with me and her name is...wait what is your name love?" "y-you wanna know my name?"she asked."Well yes,yes i do." i replied" So then she said "my name is Rachel Leo" She was so pretty soi didnt feel bad about kissing her. Next i said "Since you have a lovely name you deserve this and then i gave her and i gave her a kiss and i actually liked it!It was nice.                                      *RACHEL'S P.O.V*  I  cant believe Harry Styles just pulled me on the stage. He asked me my name and i said "y-you wanna know my name?" since i was suprised and then he said "yes,yes i do." so,then i said "my name is Rachel Leo" then i vcouldnt believe it but he said "since you have a lovely name you deserve this" and then he kissed my right on the lips i thought i peed my pants. which would've sucked.                                                                        

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