How could I forget you

Haley Tomlinson has a perfect life. She is beyond rich and popular. But one day her brother, who is also her best friend dies. Her walls come crashing down and there is no stop to her tears. But at Louie's funeral, she meets a cheeky green eyed boy (who used to be Louie's best friend) who becomes her best friend and shows her a better life. One filled with finding who you are, meeting new friends, making a better change, and just letting go for once. (In a good way)


6. Chapter 6 'Haley' "The Funeral part 2"

I sat down in my seat, greeted by a hug from Alexandra. "You did great" she whispered in my ear. The preacher spoke again. "It is now time for the burial. So please head out to the graveyard. I stood up, my head spinning. Alexandra looked at me, confused. I faked a smile, "You go on with out me." She nodded in understanding, and headed out. As soon as she left, I ran to the other side of the graveyard. I slowed down and looked for a bench. Instead I heard weeping. I followed the sound to a quaint bench, and saw a curly headed boy crying into his hands. I started moving back, but I stepped on a twig, and he looked up. He half smiled at me. "You must be Haley." He said, holding out his hand. I shook it. "Yes, I am Haley. Who are you?" "Harry," he said. "Harry, Styles. Louie Tomlinson's old best friend." "And we haven't met?" I asked. He shook his head. "About your speech," he said. "I was just crying to get that out of my system." I nodded and smiled. I sat down. "Do you wanna talk?" He questioned. "About Louie?" I asked. He nodded and started off on a story. By the end of the night I realized I had found a best friend. In just four hours. That was three years ago. 


What do ya think happens next?!?! Luv you all- Liv 

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