How could I forget you

Haley Tomlinson has a perfect life. She is beyond rich and popular. But one day her brother, who is also her best friend dies. Her walls come crashing down and there is no stop to her tears. But at Louie's funeral, she meets a cheeky green eyed boy (who used to be Louie's best friend) who becomes her best friend and shows her a better life. One filled with finding who you are, meeting new friends, making a better change, and just letting go for once. (In a good way)


3. Chapter 3 'Haley' "Help from the friends"

The next morning I woke up to my mom. "Mum!" I said. "I had a horrible dream last night where Louie died and everything turned bad." My mum sighed. "Haley, Louie is dead." I screamed into my pillow for a couple of minutes and then remembered I had school. "Haley," mum said. "You don't have to go to school if you don't want to." I sighed. "No mum, I can't live in the past. I'm trying to live in the f-f-future." I said stuttering. I put on as much makeup as I could, trying to cover up my tear stained face. I put on the prettiest outfit in my closet, and walked to the kitchen to have breakfast. My little sister was in her robe eating breakfast with the ugliest expression. "Morning," i said. She grunted in reply, defiantly not something Daisy would do. "Do you want me to drive you to school with my friends?" I offered. She began scraping her plate. "I'm not going." She half whispered. I sighed. "C'mon Daisy. You have to go!" I pleaded. She stood up angrily, her chair toppling backwards. "Did you hear me, idiot?!?!" She spat. "I said no. So get off my back you moron!" I stepped back in complete shock. Then I got angry. "You know what Daisy! Just because Louie's dead doesn't mean you have to be rude! You can morn all you want. Now tell me! Did Mum, Dad, or I all the sudden lash out for no apparent reason? NO! So. Don't. Be. A. Little. Brat!" I said angrily. I grabbed my bag, tears threatening to spill when I saw Daisy's sorry face, but I didn't care. I slammed the door after me and made my way to my car. I picked up my friends, then told them everything that happened. As they engulfed me in hugs, I wondered why Louie had deserved this. We soon arrived at school and everyone was nice to me. The teachers gave me good grades on purpose, people invited me to sit with them, and the lunch ladies gave me free lunch. That night I thanked god for my family and friends. 


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