Truly madly deepley in love..

Tilde parents just died, when she takes contact to her long lost Brother, what she don't know is that her biig idol Liam Payne is her long lost Brother. stay tunned to see how her life turn out!



3. What's up with Niall

I woke up the next morning, I got dressed It was somehow like I still was sleeping, it was so unreal me on tour with One Direction and sister to Liam Payne so weird and so unrealistic, I got out to eat some breakfast, and there sat Niall, Still ignoring me, it was only 6 am, what was he doing up so early, he is a sleepyhead, but of course he was eating, the other boys were sleeping, I took some cereal and some juice I sat down towards Niall, he didn’t even take a glance at me, I ate my breakfast and I was about to walk into my room, but no! I was going to sit out there until he would just say anything to me I want to win this! Sat there for over 2 hours, he ate through the entire time, still no reaction to me, then Liam came in and joined us, it was good it wasn’t awkward more “good morning sleepyhead!” I said Niall didn’t even smiled at my cheeky comment what was wrong with him, the other lads woke up and got out and eating breakfast with us, we were having so much fun, Harry threw a banana in my face then Liam threw a strawberry at Harry, Niall dragged me into my room, away from all the fun. “What do you want!?” I shouted at him, he looked kinda choked “ I.. I.. just want to say hi and sorry for ignoring you, but it’s because on twitter I have followed you, but from a fake profile and I fell in love with you, and now you’re here, and Liam knew a was in love with you so he asked me to stay away from me, I’m so sorry” “Niall I think we should talk to each other but as friend in the beginning okay?” “okay let’s go out before Liam gets worried” we walked out from my room, and there all the boys stood and looked at us, so embarrassing, Liam grabbed Niall and walked angrily into Liam’ room he was really mad, I heard screaming inside Liam’ room, I just couldn’t stand there and do nothing, I walked into Liam’s room, they both looked confused at me “keep going Liam you were on a role, don’t let me stop you, and btw nothing happened we said hi to each other not kissing or anything, we made a deal that it shouldn’t be awkward between us, so keep screaming at him, go on” The other boys just stood with an open mouth, I had really surprised them

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