Lost In Life

Audrey is just a regular teenager in America. Little did she know going on her class trip to Paris would change her life forever. Meeting the Harry Styles for just two seconds will change everything. When she auditions for the X-Factor everything changes, just not in the way she though they would.


2. The Call

After I got out of the shower I started to blow dry my hair when I heard my phone begin to ring. "Serenaaaa" was showing as the caller ID and I instantly picked up.

"Hey girl!" I started the conversation with. "Hey. So you know your French trip? Ya One Direction is going to be there at the SAME airport at the SAME time you will be! You might get to meet them!!" she screamed into the phone. Well she was quick and to the point I thought to myself. "My day was great thanks for asking!" I sarcastically replied. "Did you not hear me?! One FUCKING Direction!" "Ok Serena calm your tits. Honestly I'm kinda scared on how you know that....but yet again you're like the biggest Directioner I have ever met..." I trailed off. "What if you catch Harry or Niall's eye! OMG you guys are gonna get married!" "SERENA! You're over doing it!" I yelled at her. "Sorry, sometimes I get like that." she replied to my shots. "Ya...haha but whatever I still love you for it!" "Haha true!...So what's up?" After that we just talked for a few hours.

That night as I was laying in bed I couldn't stop thinking about the French trip! and I eventually fell asleep. 

The next morning I woke up and brushed through my wavy hair and put on a pair of blue jeans with my black boots. I had to run around the house in search of my favorite sweater. I finally found it and held it up looking at the grey material with the giant set o lips that were tilted on the center of the top. I rushed back up to my room and put on my black beanie. I then threw on some make up and  grabbed my bags and rushed out the door.

When I arrived at school the only thing any of the girls was how they were going to meet One Direction at the airport next week and how they were going to look amazing and the boys will fall in love with them. I rolled my eyes and blew some of my blonde hair out of my face and continued down the hall to my locker. 

I waled up to the nasty orange thing that they have given me as my locker. It was covered in gum and who knows what else. I tossed everything into my locker and grabbed my purse and French book. I then headed over to Hope's locker and embraced to get yelled at. No matter how many times I meet up with her at her locker my presence always scared the shit out of her, every period, everyday, I was honestly so used to it by now. Hope is another one of my best friends and looks pretty similar to me, except way prettier. "OH MY GOD AUDREY!" she screamed. "Hey. How was your night?" I casually responded. "Why do you always scare me like that?" "I don't know, it's fun?" I replied. "Whatever," she replied rolling her eye and hanging me my coffee that she brought for me. "My night was ok. You know the usual." "The usual isn't normal with your family. Or anything usual it's always different. Thanks for the coffee by the way." I laughed a little. "Anytime! Haha, ya how was your night?" she asked me with genuine curiosity. "Eh pretty good. I mean I found out I'm still going to Paris. Then I got a fan girl phone call from Serena, but I managed to calm her down." "Haha well that's good." Hope laughed as we started heading to French class, which we had first period "Ya like what's with all the girls here freaking out about the French trip all of a sudden?" "Suppousedly One Direction is going to be in Paris the same time as us" I replied rolling my eyes and walking into the French room, and Hope followed half laughing.

The rest of the day all I heard the girls talking about One Direction. Then came Carly, the girl who thinks she's everything and better than anyone else. She's younger than me but treats me like shit! It's like girl calm your...Oh wait.... you don't have tits...cuz you haven't hit fucking puberty. I'm usually not mean to people but she just gets on my nerves. Then she starts going off about how Harry Styles is going to fall in love with her. "Shut up!" i screamed. "What are the chances of any of us meeting him let alone you, me, or any other girl on this trip?! Like just stop and listen to the class thats kinda happening right now." after I stated that I turned around and hear the "Ooooh's" and "Burn's" being said behind me. I just sat there with a smile spread on me face ear to ear. "Nice!' I heard Hope's voice in my right ear. I looked at her and we just burst into laughter.

"QUIET!" Mrs. Lopez demanded and we got back into order and finished the class. 

When I went home and told my mom about my day I left the part about Carly out. "Oh! Audrey i pulled your suitcase out of the basement." she told me. "Mom" I said with a half laugh "We don't leave for a month. "It'll fly by I promise you!" she said and walked away. I took the suitcase to my room and threw somethings in there and let it sit in the corner.

The next month flew by so quickly and the next thing I knew I was throwing everything into my suitcase getting ready to leave tomorrow. The few things I remember from that quick month were the continuous fights with Carly, the constant fan girling, and the drawings I've drawn.

"Almost done sweetheart?" my mom called from downstairs. I took one last suitcase and headed downstairs. "Ya...but have you seen my travel backpack so i can pack things for the plane?" I asked her. "Oh ya! Here!" she left for a couple minuets ad then returned with my backpack. "Thanks so much!" I said grabbing the bag and running upstairs. I threw my make up, phone, laptop, and my sketch pad. I threw the bag on my back and grabbed my colored pencils and ran out of the house and got in the car and headed to Hope's house. We decided I would just stay the night at her place so I can get more sleep before the trip.

We were going to a party but we when I got there I just crashed. We ate a shit load and watched movies. We finally fell asleep around 12:30, which was good timing for most of the times we stay at each others house.

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