Harry styles, from One Direction quit from his career. He decided his job didnt have enough "action", so he became a killer. Not a slasher but an evil person to watch someone suffer. He uses poison but not the kind you think of... Not killing you instantly but making you suffer every day for a month slowing your every move. His target is a fan he has saw before, Anna. He thinks shes beautiful so why not watch her die and keep a mold in your basement?


2. Pilot Hazza

Anna's POV

        I looked up at Harry's face speechless while we were tiptoing into the jet plane. He stared at me for a while and whispered " Stay here". I widened my eyes while he sat me down. He looked at me again. "I will learn how to fly this plane." He had his hands behind his back. I whined. He pulled out a pan from the bar in the plane. He smashed it into my head. Everything went black. 

Harry's POV

        I smashed that pan into her head just enough to knock her out. I unlocked the plane's door to the pilot's room. There he was. Mark, the pilot. I gripped the pan hard behind Mark and smashed it on his head and finished him off with a choke. He was dead. Deader then dead. I picked him up and through him out the window i chuckled at the sight. I felt like i needed a flying buddy so i picked up the beauty and placed her on the passesnger seat.  I sat on the pilot's seat. I didnt know where to go, but i knew how to start it so i didnt really care were i went as long as its far from here.

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