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Giovana a girl who dreams of studying in England. A group of friends who live in a republic. love.Destiny. confusion. What did will this republic reserve to Giovana?


1. The Trip

Hi am giovana,'m short, skinny and brown hair, live in rio de janeiro Brazil, more precisely in Botafogo, I live with my mother and my sister Debora 5 years, my dream has always been to travel to London to study, find a amazing place and several shops to buy what it is great. My mother always gave me strength so I helped raise money.


I got out of bed and went to take a shower because my flight would leave at 4:40, had to get the rest of the bag and pick up the documents. Now I needed to pick a comfortable clothing, no more like the ones we use in Brazil turned out london and it rained and was cold most of the year, so I chose an outfit and warm and beautiful.


Thankfully, my mother asked me to leave work early to take me to the airport, I grabbed my bags and put in the car and headed to the airport, took a while because I was a transit. Arrived, I sent the bags and checked in, and Now came the hardest part of the trip the farewell, gave a long hug my mother and then the brat of my sister, she was the most boring I would miss her. Went walking pro gate gave one last look at them and went pro plane.


So I sat down, I realized I had a couple of fat fighting:


Woman-where's the headlight?-Said the man pulling a bag


-What for you want my headlight, your dining room - she said making the bag that the man held caisse with crumbs all down-saw, what you did alfredo, there's more to eat

-Woman is all your fault, who sent pulling the bag, ......, and so continued, I made my way to my seat and pulled my ipod and put a quiet music (little things) After 12 hrs they were aircraft.


Our guess I slept like a century, surely these were the longest 12 hours of my life, I was in the lobby, grabbed my bags and took a taxi to the condominium where were the republics, paid the driver and made my way to the condominium which signal was very beautiful.


As I made my way through the condominium hear a voice coming from behind me:

- Ta lost kitten?-Said the voice

-'m Not a pet to call me kitten-said turning me when I encounter this Greek god of curls

- That sulking cat

Mau umor nothing not even know me, and throws a pass these hideous

I'm sorry, my name is harry looks-he said extending his hand, walked right and continued walking, they loose and sang horrible - I follow you until finally your republic.


Harry's pov


Our day today was pretty boring, would improve with more quickie, I gave to my peguete Ashley, Cara she was like a goddess who was half sorry nag, while most do not think this serves best thing.

-Then you later ash - said with that mischievous look

Up-harry-turned and walked away


I had to go home because tonight would be the beast, my friends and I liam, niall, zayn and louis actually do not even know if he'd had this annoying eleanor gone home from his girlfriend, she was more beautiful too sweet for my taste, to me she betrays him, he knows I finally faz.Enquanto I was walking in I see a kitty condo full of bags, I think is new here, it would not have caught it when I talk to her I walked out and walked and walked beside her until ...


-Serious-he said looking at her, which seemed to understand nothing

-Doque you're laughing idiot?

You know you'll have to get used to me hahaha she said laughing even more, man can not believe she will live in "my republic," she continued with a kind face wtf - I also live in that republic kitten, will see me every day to your luck

'You're kidding right?? And that lucky kid, my god I can only be played on the cross can only gum

Giovana's POV


I can not believe I live in the same republic this idiot, but I can not deny he was a cat has a more expensive chicken I'll tell you. When he finally stopped laughing, grabbed my bags and said:


I got you-go - and it was picking up my bags, Our I needed this kind will help the half hour ago while I was walking with these super heavy bags.

When we enter the room has a lot of people and harry announces:


- Personal, this is the ... what's your name again??

-Giovana, and need not announce me idiot-I noticed that he got all embarrassed, as this Greek god is fluffy dull, meanwhile came a skinny blonde girl and giving me a hug and said:


-Welcome Giovana My name is Katy, these looks are here ... and so was I-presenting each, Katy said that the girls would come later, also told me that after a ballad would will and if I wanted to go, type Love ballads of course my friends in Brazil called me "lady Ballads"-Then I'll show you your room. And climbed the stairs that led to a hallway full of rooms.

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