truth .

Jessie was a normal teenager .
Until she had to moved to Ireland with her mothers new boyfriend... Jessie had to go to a new school , and meet new people which she is bad at. But one day Jessie meets Niall and her world turns upside down.

What will happen ?

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4. Stay Away From Him

I still have the image of Zayn , Niall and Aria together and thoughts are just swirling in my mind right now " Why are they together ?... Do they know each other ?... What are they talking about ? " I get out of my depths of thoughts and see that I'm standing in the shower room naked I look around to see girls laughing at me and staring " What ?" and one girl point to my heart shaped birthmark on my lower hip and on my left butt cheek " Nothing .. Heart butt " and I turned around to look at the girl she looked like one of those fake barbie dolls you see at the 99 cent store. 


I finished taking a shower and head back to my gym locker and begin to put my clothes back on. I walked out to go to the bathroom to see the same girl that was in the locker room smoking a cigar " Heart butt , how nice to see you here " she smiles at me and puts out her cigar " What do you want ? " I said with a sigh " Well I saw you earlier with Niall and I just wanted to tell you something okay ? " I walked over to the sink to wash my hands " Stay away from him " Why is she telling me to stay away from him for ? Does she like him or something ? and I answer  " Why should I ? its not like he is dating you or something ? " she laughs at me and smirks " He is my brother smart ass ". 


She is his sister and that's her brother ? I was just so confused right now. They don't even look at a like well just a little by the eyes but yeah they don't seem sister and brother type           " What if I don't stay away from him ? " I stare at her in the eyes and see pitch blackness she comes up to my ear and whispers " You don't even wanna know what I'll do to you " she smiles while going back to standing position I walk out of the bathroom and all I could think about the blackness and the evil in her smile and eyes just pure evil I hear a door open " Oh and by the way my name is Sophie " and I could feel her smile from miles down the hallway its creeps me out. 


I walk out of the building and its the end of day I begin to walk home and see Niall and Zayn at the end of my block what are they doing here ? " Hey Zayn ... Niall " I half smiled " Hey "  Zayn replied back and hugged me he was so warm and so comfortable I didn't wanna let him go but I knew that will be so weird so I let him go " Jessie , I was wondering if you will like to come to a party   tomorrow  ... everyone is going to be there " he smirked at me . So its my first day at this school and I got called Heart butt and got threaten by Niall's sister ? and I got invited to a party wow I think it's fun first day of school so far " Sure " and begin to walk home again " See you there " he shouted out loud . 


I finally reached home and layout on my bed , I'm so tired from school you don't even know I get up and put on a white tee and sweatpants I pulled out my laptop from under the bed and began video chatting my friend Chelsea " What's up girlfriend ! " she yelled over the speaker fuck that shit hurt my ear  " Hi " and smiled back at her and placed my laptop on my computer desk " So how's the new school ? cute guys ? hoes ? nerds ? love? what's going on give me the 4-11 " Chelsea is still the same girl Iv'e known ever since 4th grade the gossip eater she needs to know everything about everyone including the dirty things too. 


" Well there are some people I made friends with today at school but , I think one I don't even consider a friend more of a rivial so ... " she makes a face " But there is this one boy name Niall" she jumps out of her chair and screams " TELL ME NOW ! " and I put my hands under the desk and started playing my fingernails " Well he isn't my type at all and I don't consider him to be anything  but I got threaten by his sister today .... " and I made a little smirk about it "Jessie, tell me tomorrow about it cause this girl needs to sleep her ass off now " I say bye and hang up the skype call . 

I begin to doze off but I hear a pebble hit my window what the fuck is going on ? I get up and look out my window to see Harry standing down there " What the hell are you doing ?" I yelled at him with a rage in my voice " Sorry , can I come up ? " I'm lost how does he know where I live ? but he seems to be a mind reader " It's a small town plus your mom is next door at my house with my mom and she said I could come over if you don't mind ? " and he smiled at me. I tell him to climb the vines on the side of house and when he gets up to my window I help him in . 


" Hey " he smiles at me and  I go in my book bag and give him a sip of my leftover Arizona . 


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